Six on Saturday – Befuddled

Not only am I confused about what day it is, I am a little befuddled as to which week of the year it is.  Hence, I spent a fair amount of time on a blog which is appropriate to next week.   No matter, it is money in the bank I suppose.  We are getting paid for this right?

“Paid for what?”, you might ask, for Six on Saturdaying of course! That universal weekendly past-time of the great and the good.  To join our blissfully happy, mind-controlled crew, just pop on over to Propfessor X to find out what is going on.  There are definitely no subliminal messages hidden in this blog, definitely not.  Just don’t blink.  Shall we proceed?

First, we have Allium aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’, one of many this week I should imagine.  In a slow crawl towards extending the season in The Bed of Anarchy, I planted these bulbs last year.  Or was it the year before?  Whichever, there aren’t enough of them to make a good show.  They move around the border all on their own, as if looking for more of their own kind.  I may well have to rectify that.

Now we have a lone lithodora flower.  Blue.  That is all that needs to be said.

Onto my arty-farty shot of the week and the interpretation therein.

The raindrops, suspended on the waxy surface of a hosta leaf, illustrate how we are living in our individual bubbles at the moment, where we have little choice but to reflect on inner demons and angels. There is no escape, we can see our loved ones in their respective bubbles, but can’t reach them.  If we did, we would destroy them.

A moment after this shot was taken next door’s cat knocked the leaf with her tail and the drops fell to the ground and disbursed.  I like to think this symbolises the futility of me trying to be serious.  The End.

Next strawberry flowers.  So white, such promise.  And if you are listening out there; Mr Slug, Mrs Snail, The Blackbird Clan; I am not sharing!

Then we have Aquilegia ‘Egg’, a flower I have featured before.  It is called Egg because OH nicked the seed from the farm where we used to get our eggs.  Later I asked the farmer’s wife what had happened to the mother plant, she said it had died.  My noble plan is to grow another and, at the dead of night, possibly wearing a balaclava, anonymously leave it on her doorstep.  Otherwise she might arrest me for seed theft, although it wasn’t me, honest guv.  She is rather scary, and looks very strong.  The farmer’s wife that is, not the aquilegia, which isn’t scary at all.

And finally, the biggest and most beautiful of our Woolies Acers.  The young leaves are at their best at the moment.  The stresses of grown-up life, the sporadic watering and summer winds that go with maturity, have yet to distress them.

That is my lot for this week.  Hope you enjoyed them.  Keep on keeping on, my friends.


57 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Befuddled

  1. My allium Purple Sensation aren’t ready. Next weekend maybe? But I already ate my first strawberry yesterday !! Very nice drop close up on hosta. And that aquilegia is very pretty, It makes me think of adding reds among mine.

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  2. ‘Egg’ looks like Ronald McDonald.
    Kitty had the right idea with the hosta.
    I never met a flatulent allium.
    but really, is ‘Purple Sensation’ one of the popular varieties that is available from mail order catalogs?

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      1. ‘Purple Sensation’ looks like Grimace.
        I think that when I finally get around to trying allium, I might start with the biggest and baddest, just in case the first are the last. If they do well, I might try ‘Mount Everest’.

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  3. I lovely six – I enjoyed them! And particularly your pensive moment, quickly destroyed. The aquilegia (very sweet) looks like an A. canadensis. Good that your alliums are extending themselves – mine have been less invasive than I wanted them to be!

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  4. That blue!! Say no more. I fume when Fred starts on about his strawberries. 👹 I have plenty of flowers on mine and they are under my original fruit cage so blackbirds should be stopped. Something will get through, I’m sure. Lovely Six-on-Saturday.

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  5. Well I’m certainly not going to kick up a stink about arty-farty photos. My “art” is practiced by careful directional application to avoid capturing a nearby patch of weeds that is on my agenda for manyana (which never comes, of course). My contribution to the egg-naming is one of the “Mrs Scott-Elliot” group (A. caerulea for smelly people) cos the sepals look right. She comes in a range of colours. Not as prolific a seeder as Nora and her relatives but no guarantee that her seeds will end up the same colour.

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  6. Such a shame about your trip to Marwood gardens. That’s a lovely Aquilegia – it’s not a colour combination I’ve seen before. I know the blighters seed themselves all over the place, but they are so pretty I can’t really get annoyed with them,

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  7. I’ll never look at raindrops on hosta leaves in the same way again. My bubble and my families bubbles. Interesting.

    The aquilegia is unusual – but very striking, and the close up of your allium is excellent.

    Thank you for your entertaining post. 😁 It made me smile.

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    1. It is wonderful, isn’t it?! I am not one that normally joins with memes and the like, but I am so pleased that I took the plunge with this one. Great people, all generous with their knowledge. Have a lovely week x

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  8. I hope your columbine plot works. How will you know if the seeds come true? Is this plan years in the making? That blue is out of this world.

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  9. I do look forward to your posts. Another one that brought a huge grin on my face. And that lithodora – what a blue! Still I have plenty of blues with the FMNs though most have been pulled up now. I am impressed that some of my last year’s alliums have returned, with the wet winter I was convinced they would rot, but I have one Purple Sensation open and others to follow. A nice filler after the tulips fade. ‘Egg’ is gorgeous!

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