Six on Saturday – Hearts and Flowers

This is a special Six on Saturday.   Today was to have been the wedding day of my nephew Adam and his fiancée Jess.  Instead of white gown and morning suit they will be donning PPE’s, both at present working on Coronavirus isolation wards in The University Hospital of Wales.  I am immensely proud of them both.  I am sure they will be feeling a little sad today, so in a feeble attempt to sooth, I thought I would dedicate this post to them.  Be warned, there will be tenuous links, but they are all made with love.

It is only fitting that we start with a heart, the newly emerged leaf of Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’.  This small tree staggers on year on year, confined by a pinching pot.  Each spring, new growth is both a joy and a surprise that it has made it through another winter.

Now, as tradition would have it, Something Old.  Here we have the Helen Mirren of tulips, growing old beautifully.   Conveniently for the theme, photobombing from behind are a handful of violas, which are sometimes known as heartsease.

Something New is a double first.  A new frond for my new fern Cyathea australis.  Again, this plant is Jim’s fault.  I am definitely not buying any more plants.  However, I have just seen a very tempting protea.  One doesn’t count.

Something Borrowed, is a magnificent peony from The Buns’ garden.  The Chinese name for the peony means “beautiful”, which I cannot deny.  More appropriately to our cause, according to the language of flowers, it represents a happy marriage and good fortune.  Both of which I wish our heroes in the future.

Now for something blue.  Bluebell, obvs.

To symbolise our celebrations after the ceremony, I searched the garden for hanging vines or laden pomegranate trees.  I delved deep for sweet strawberries and lush ripe apples.  There were no fresh quinces or passion fruit.  Unfortunately, all I could come up with was a beer trap.  Needs must.

But everywhere there were hearts.  These are the new leaves of a dwarf green bean, Tendergreen.

And more hearts, this time Cercidiphyllum japonicum.

And even more hearts.  This is a young Ipomoea tricolor ‘Heavenly Blue’, the name of which is most fitting.

For those of you out there clicking away on your abacuses, I agree, this is not strictly six.  It was the hearts that done it.  But surely you can never have too many hearts on your substitute wedding day?  If anyone has a problem they can contact my minder/legal advisor/fashion consultant/confessor The Prop and he will undoubtedly ignore you.

Finally, a message to the wonderful Jess and Adam.  Keep on keeping on, my heart swells when I think of you, but not in a bad medical way.  Shall we try again next year?

There is a plus side though, I have a while longer to get into my dress which appears to have shrunk on the hanger.

Stay safe and well everyone, ’til next time.



44 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Hearts and Flowers

  1. Excellently put together.All our thoughts are with Jess and Adam on what should have been their big day.
    We will celebrate in style when they eventually get married

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  2. What a lovely tribute to the couple…all those hearts, and blues, and borrowed things. Maybe they could get married by the Chief Registrar, with all their PPE on…as it were married by the Captain when all at sea. Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ is one of those shrubs that I really think most gardens should have. But I don’t have one, if one should come my way, like yours it would be a pot for some time….I wonder which? Keep safe, x

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    1. Thank you, and what a great plan, I will suggest it 🙂 I found this one in a bargain bin and, although I know it was inappropriate, I just couldn’t resist it. Perhaps that will happen to you one day. Stay safe too x


  3. The beer trap! So funny! Your post is so clever and thoughtful of the couple. Disappointing for them, but they are engaged (no pun intended) in such a meaningful work that benefits so many beyond themselves.

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    1. There are lots of compromises being made at the moment, and far worse. I feel for all those suffering, but of course when it is close to home it hurts a little more. We have to count our blessings. And having the love of friends and family is one great big enormous is one of them! And I am including my virtual friend in that. x

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      1. Indeed, we bloggers are lucky to have lovely unseen friends to share with. And you are one of my best. The Primula seiboldii ‘Essie’ you gave me is looking lovely right now and everytime I see it I think of you.

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  4. I’m happy to take the blame for something new, or in this context, the credit. That there are people like Adam and Jess out there, lots of them, makes me feel humble and profoundly grateful. Guessing that you may have purchased the Cyathea from James at Lockengate, and having found a website that said it was probably hardier than Dicksonia, I sped over to his website only to find he’s sold out. It’s for the best, really it is.


  5. What a beautiful post, so much thought has gone into it. Could you perhaps make a little photobook as a lasting memento using the content of your post?

    My youngest daughter was due to get married in July, and it has had to be cancelled too, so in a little way, I can perhaps relate to the poignant feelings today.

    Your nephew and his fiancé are doing a remarkable job – and a great service.

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      1. It’s been rescheduled for 2022. They are in Australia, though coming home for the wedding. But with guests travelling from many different countries they felt that the economy next year possibly won’t be good, and people might not be able to afford to travel.

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  6. So many people have had their celebrations cancelled this year and life turned sideways. I love your little tribute to your special couple, I wish them every happiness together and a wonderful wedding day when it happens. And may they stay safe.

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  7. Love this one and I really need a Protea myself. Thanks to Jess and Adam for taking care of all of us…I hope they have a lovely ceremony under some Katsura trees surrounded by beans and a Forest Pansy Redbud with you looking on in a flowing gown…this garden vision seems a bit unconventional.

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  8. you old softie you. i have a young forest pansy. got done by scale last year i think, looks better this year. it even had a very half hearted attempt at flowering, but not really. next year perhaps.

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