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Another Six on Saturday and, with a little help from my friends, specifically my blogging mate Jude, I have discovered the link button in this “oh, so moderne” block editor. It seems fair to have used this newly discovered facility to direct you to Jude’s site where no doubt she has also, or is about to, produce a Six on Saturday. To catch up with the rest of the gang, pop over to The Venerable Prop’s site where you can feast on sixes from across the globe. Top tip: don’t try to eat them all at once, a few nibbles then return later for more goodies is how I avoid indigestion. I would recommend being especially cautious when approaching any contribution from a certain Mr K, he can be rather spicy.

One problem solved, another found. This seems to be my mantra. Now I am experiencing “the infuriatingly disappearing tags”, any ideas anyone? Don’t pass this off as fluff. It is an emergency. My frustration resulted in a bad word or six and a reversion to Classic Editor in order to sort it. Mind you, I have always been a classic gal. I have no remorse.

Shall we proceed? I think we should, it’s nearly Sunday.

First, we have another newbie to my gang, Fuchsia ‘Eruption’, seen here getting acquainted with the rhodohypoxis. I’m very fond of this form of fuchsia, which I like to call The Dangly Group, although I have suspicions there may be something more official.

Now Calendula ‘Neon’. This photo is possibly over-exposed, as it was taken during a full-on sunny abberation. But I liked the way it turned out, radiating solar energy with a patient bud waiting in the wings.

Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’ was a gift from Lady Mantle. Is it still called a gift when you ask for it? Not sure. I am pretty certain she was thinking of giving it to me anyway. We shall never know. For those of you with wicked minds, you know who I am talking about, I did not steal it.

Rose of no name. Fragrant, beautiful and a pain in the posterior.

On to Primula capitata ‘Noverna Deep Blue’, with a wonderful dusting of farina on indigo flowers. This is kept in a pot and circulated with the other seasonal favourites. When its glory time is over, it will be hidden around a corner with the other has-beens. Until next year, when it will hopefully shine again. If only life was like that. Glory then rest, repeat. I could live with that.

And finally, Aquilegia canadensis with its delicious St Clements bloom. I love it.

That’s me done, another week all sixed out. Stay safe my friends, its not over yet.

49 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Linkful

  1. Really love the first photo – the rhodohypoxis make the already gorgeous fuchsia pop! That rose looks to be worth the trouble it causes. All the great beauties are difficult to work with.

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  2. Always tickled by your turn of phrase and humour. When I read about tags..I first thought you meant garden labels…I too have changed from the classic on my blog and am feeling challenged, just as I feel when I can’t find the plant label which’ I had in my hand just a minute ago’. I shall have to have a label pocket.

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  3. I love the Fuchsia and Rhodohypoxis, I thought I had the latter but only one has appeared! It’s lovely to see a bigger group and the combination is beautiful.
    Love the Aeonium, my haworthii is in full enormous bloom.
    Stay safe and hope you have good gardening weather this week.

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  4. I love that Primula and the glowing Aquilegia. As for disappearing tags – I’ve never checked if my tags appear on the final posts. The option to add them can be found in a strangely hidden section revealed when you hit the cog icon towards the top right of the screen (if using a computer) and then under the ‘Documents’ tab which also allows you to set the feature image and whether comments can be left (something that has an annoying tendency to switch to the no comments option occasionally).

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    1. Thank you, I found where the tags are but I can’t make them stay, I type one or two and then when I type the next one the first disappears! I know I must be doing something wrong! Sorry too many “!”‘s but that is how it made me feel. And thank you 🙂

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  5. Great selection of covetable plants. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I’ve always liked a dangly fushia. Just in case you thought it was WordPress was the only one, Blogger has also updated itself. It seems to have exactly the same functionality, they’ve just hidden all the ones I want to use.

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  6. That primula is lovely – what a colour! My little Auriculas are out in the wild weather right now. I am never quite sure what to do with them! As for the tags, I have just been to my test site and added tags. I assume you know where the tags are? (Document settings) I just entered a word and pressed enter and then saved draft, then previewed and the tags appeared as usual. It is a frustratingly complex editor though for those of us who just want to post a few photos and words without complicated layouts. Thank you for the link to mine 🙂


    1. It was when I added multiple tags, one kept falling off the end, or middle even. I agree, it is a hammer to break a nut. The Shrub Queen said her tags disappeared too, so I am happy not to be alone. Take care, a little less wild today, thank goodness, I am surprised anything is standing in the garden. Mind you, I have done my inspection yet!


  7. I applaud your bravery for trying the new editor. My tags disappeared last week on the old one. Er, classic. I have not seen a Primula like that before. Love it and the Fuchsia or course…


  8. My ‘featured’ tag keeps disappearing – that’s the one that controls the feature image on the home page. It is very irritating – I don’t understand where the problem is. I’m using the Classic Editor.

    The Fuchsia is a beautiful plant, it looks very delicate and I also like the clean fresh look of the rhodohypoxis.

    I’ve become quite a fan of calendula in recent years, though I haven’t grown ‘Neon’ yet. The no-name rose is a beauty – and I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only one who has nameless plants in the garden.


  9. Lovely photos! The fuchsia is lovely, and I wish I could grow them, but I fail every time! I do love the calendula; mine are generally singles. I struggle with the ‘block’ mode too, but I think I am slowly getting the hang of it…after about a year!


  10. The fuchsias are fabulous and, of course, I love the rose. You were able to rename your link – how?!? Put me out of my misery please. I’d help with disappearing tags if I could but I can’t 😦

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  11. Very pretty aquilegia. I was gifted my aeonium too and it has been abused since, left out during the beast from the east, dried out and lack of light the year after and then it was knocked over snapping several branches this winter. They’ve all been potted up and seem to be growing alright though.

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  12. Blogger is revising the way we post and it has introduced a new (and cumbersome) way of doing labels – which I imagine are like WordPress tags. I wonder if there’s a reason they have in common for changing things. There wasn’t any user- reason for ditching the perfectly straightforward methods that were already in place.

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  13. My Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’ (which I believe to be an even darker bronze cultivar of a different name) gets stolen regularly. There is only one that I brought back from a friends home in Monterey, and planted in my downtown planter box. By the time it starts to recover from the previous theft, it gets broken off and taken away again. It happens at least annually.

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      1. I hope they are going to good homes or a good home. I like sharing; but would like that particular specimen to grow up like the others before it gets parted out like this.

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  14. Well you are ahead of me I’ve never worked out how to do tags. And now I’ m not even sure how to write a new post as it all looks so different. Now we have blocks. Whatever can a block be? And how do you get at your photos? But never mind, I love your six, specially the aquilegia and fabulous primula.

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