Six on Saturday – No Name

Sometimes you can get caught up in your own little world of misery. Which is what has happened to me this week, or perhaps a fortnight. It is tooth related, a design fault to my mind. In the scheme of things, it is small beer, but still, the mire of my mood persists. Weakness is sometimes hard to acknowledge, which is unfortunate as troubles are seldom unique.

Less of my self-pity. Let us get on with proceedings, that is, my Six on Saturday. Please pop over to our magnificent Prop’s to find out what else has been going on in the world this week. Gardenwise and perhaps other-wise.

First we have a glorious, unnamed, hydrangea which we inherited with the house. The spider came too. The flowers are such a wonderful colour, the photo only a meagre reflection of reality. Flowering perhaps a little bit early?

Next Penstemon ‘Gurt Big Purple’, grown from a cutting from an ex-client’s garden. Lush. I made up the name, just in case you wondered.

Now a fragrant-leaved pelargonium. I haven’t a clue what it is called; I can’t even remember where it came from. Although you can’t appreciate the scented foliage, you can admire the very pretty blushing flower.

Onto a scabious that, before it flowered, I thought might be ‘Blue Jeans’. It appears not. It is possibly a self seeder from the original that has now popped its clogs. Twice the height of its parent, this cuckoo is rather lovely with its pink brushed flower.

Now a flowering sempervivum which is a combination of obscene and wonderful. It came in a job lot from Lidl and, with its assorted mates, sailed through winter protected from the worse of the wet. I have grown rather fond of them.

Lastly a geranium, pilfered from a client’s garden, which has made itself at home on top of the cut-and-come-again lettuce. They look quite happy together.

That is yer lot, my friends. Have a good week. I’ll try to jolly up by next time.

52 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – No Name

  1. The best plants come by stealthy means. I helped myself to 4 yellow poppy seed heads and two honesty seed heads overhanging the pavement this morning – but they would soon have been picked or bent and broken, so it was a kindness really 😀

    Hope the tooth situation is remedied soon

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  2. Could just about post similar plants this week, not that I have…I don’t quite have the pilfered geranium, which have a delicious veining which no one could deny.

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  3. OOh … That pink hydrangea is beautiful. If only I had the good soil to get pinks. Mine are just blue or a bit pinkish. But I guess you’d like to have blue ones, right?
    Lovely veined geranium.😍

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  4. My every attempt to grow scabious has ended in rapid failure. I don’t seem to have a mental image of a white one in my memory banks, perhaps it’s the first time I’ve come across one. Beautiful Geranium.

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    1. The geranium was a sport from another unnamed geranium in a client’s garden. It caught my eye and I asked if I could take it. It is very sprawly, grown in very dry conditions which might explain why. Or perhaps this was a piece of the original and the rest had reverted!


  5. Tooth pain is the worst. Hope you have relief soon. My white scabious is behind yours and needs some urging. You forgot to mention what scent your pelargonium has! Would love to add some eventually.

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  6. What a gorgeous selection to delight us with. Mr TT and I visited Arlington Court last Monday and there were hydrangeas galore in bloom, we thought it might be a little early. Here, that lovely ‘Marveille Sanguine’ you gave me a cutting of is biding its time.
    I hope that tooth is better soon, a poorly tooth is not nice.

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    1. Hydrangeas in full flower in Carbis Bay when I drove by on Wednesday – last week there wasn’t a flower to be seen! Must be all the sunshine and rain that has brought them out 🙂

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  7. Wow, I’ve never seen a hydrangea that color! Stunning geranium too. I love their flowers, but some of mine were so ugly after blooming I got rid of them.
    Hope this coming week is brighter for you.

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  8. I like the idea of renaming unidentified plants, I so often get rid of labels without making a record, confident at the time that I’ll remember (how daft is that!). I’ve not seen the hardy geranium before, its a star!

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  9. Geranium pilferoditis, I think.
    I’m wondering also if Big Purple would go well beside Blue Jeans? But then I realise it’s not Blue Jeans. That’s definitely another made-up version of something unknown by someone else.
    What’s the Gurt bit about? Totally at a loss.

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    1. Great name, and it sounds just right. Gurt is a west country word for great or big or very. We used to have a sandwich company that came to the office I worked in called Gurt Lush, meaning Very Delicious or Very Good. There is a choir in Bristol with the same name. 🙂


  10. I have a cracked tooth and no dentist. We were just about to admit defeat and apply to join a private dentist surgery when the lockdown happened. Goodness knows when they will take on new patients! No pain so far, but it worries me. I hope you manage to get your problem sorted. Your six are lovely, I have that same scented leaved pelargonium – possibly!

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      1. Teeth are definitely not FFP as you get older!
        Could be any number of pellies, I thought possibly Prince of Orange which has white flowers with faintest pink blush – the leaves smell strongly of orange.


  11. Yada! I didn’t make today. I blame HPS! Group chair issues. But forget plants! Are you rough and toothless? I hope not as you’ve got a nice smile and we don’t want that to be zapped. And i hope you’re not in pain whilst you wait for treatment. Maybe your pot gluer-together could develop his skills to tooth gluing together. Fingers crossed. xx

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  12. My sympathies, I lost most of a tooth in early May but thankfully it hasn’t caused me any grief. I’m off to the dentist to get it checked and sorted the week after next.
    I really like the red hydrangea. xx


  13. Oh, there’s nothing worse than a toothache to bring down even the cheeriest of people. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

    I’ve just planted more pink and blue scabious – but seeing your white makes me wish I’d bought some white. Lol. Sarah Raven has a lovely Scabiosa caucasica ‘Perfecta Alba’. I’m tempted. 😀

    Love, love, love the colour of your Hydrangea!

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