Six on Saturday – Sighing

I have been a little slack on the blogging front recently. There are reasons of course, none of which I will bore you with at the moment. Rest assured, nothing bad. Hopefully anyway. I felt I should make a special effort this week. In missing a couple of Six on Saturdays, I’ve discovered that there is only so far you can push the patience of Akela. I had a note from my Mum (and it wasn’t even forged) and even Mr K said it would be OK ( on reflection it was a mistake to give him that money in recompense) but still there were repercussions. Believe me, a Propagator tantrum is something to behold. I would suggest that no one attempts to have even one week off, let alone two, it just isn’t worth it. There are sighs, there are mega-sighs and there are Propo-sighs. Less of the excuses, let us get on with it, Sunday is chomping at the bit.

First, we have Ageratum corymbosum, looking a little like a soggy muppet after our storms. Still I love it; the colour, the form, the everything.

Next is Tomato ‘Harzfeuer’; my first but hopefully not my last. I haven’t done well with my toms this year; I was late to the party. There is time enough to regain a little ground. A miracle however would be handy.

Now a potted cutting of Fuchsia procumbens ‘Variegata’, the mother plant is playing hard to get on the flowering front. I cannot get over the other-worldliness of these little psychedelic blooms.

Like many, I thought I would try my hand at a few more vegetables this year. My report card would say “easily distracted”. Here are some mixed oriental salad leaves that I sowed and forgot.

Now another fuchsia, I didn’t realise I was such a fuchsia fan. Perhaps it is time to stand up and be counted. This is F. ‘Thalia’. Lovely.

A self-inflicted rule is “you must always save the bee shot for the finale”. Here is our star, supping on a weather-ravaged Salvia involucrata ‘Hadspen’, a bit worn around the edges but still full of the good stuff. A lesson for us all perhaps.

That is your lot my friends. I hope all is well on your planets. Keep safe, happy and full of fun.

29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Sighing

  1. You have a ripe tomato – that’s far more successful than me. I finally have a few green ones but time is running out for them. The soggy muppet description made me smile. The flower of the Fuchsia procumbens ‘Variegata’ (I had to copy and paste that) is wonderfully weird and pretty.

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  2. Lovely bumble bee! Have you noticed what sort of insect pollinates the Fuchsia procumbens? With the petals bent back like that its reproductive parts are so exposed – it must have evolved like that for some specific reason. Unless, of course, it was just human genetic tinkering…

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  3. I am also a (new) fan of fuchsia and every year, I take cuttings from a new one to add to my collection. ‘Thalia’ for example is elegant and would do well for a future addition here … Stunning picture of this bumblebee on salvia…

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  4. I hope your tomato tastes as good as it looks. There should be time to get a few more ripe ones, and then there’s always green tomato chutney to make. The oriental salad leaves look yummy too. I did the classic of having more lettuce than I could eat in June and then got nothing much at all from the later batch.

    I think the fushia Thalia has an elegance about it that some of the bi-colours don’t have.

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      1. Yes please Sis, should I get the lettuce going to plant alongside? Is there anything I have featured recently that I could propagate for you?

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  5. There are times for all of us when blogging has to take a back seat for a little while. You’re back this week, and that’s nice – I enjoy reading your posts.

    The Ageratum corymbosum is very unusual and reminds a bit of the feathery hats that ladies used to wear many moons ago. A little bit of sunshine and your tomatoes will ripen, perhaps we’ll have a beautiful autumn. I’m not a fuchsia fan, but that’s because I’ve never had one – maybe it’s time. Thalia is lovely.

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  6. Thalia and procumbens are just the thing to get people who don’t really like Fuchsias to maybe think again. They’re a much more diverse group than most people seem to realise and the “different” ones aren’t so easy to find. I’m another fan of the soggy muppet!

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  7. Ah, we are all so pleased to see you back. What is it with tomatoes this year, ours don’t seem keen to ripen despite being in the greenhouse. The few that have are delicious!

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  8. Sharing the tomato woes. The outside ones are ripening but barely a hint of red on the gh ones. I fear they will never make it onto the table. The first photo looked like a feather boa – thought you’d been out partying instead of blogging!

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