Either or Or

I am of the opinion that there are some who focus on the flowers and others that can only see the weeds. Can this be cured? I’m not sure. Perhaps it is just the way people are made. Usually I am a flower spotting kind of gal, but not always.

In the picture above, some might see a rusting chiminea, stuffed full of broken-up oddments of wood, standing next to a galvanised bin. Today, I chose to see a happy ginger monster, mouth crammed with giant twiglets, waiting for his friend Oscar the Grouch to come out to play.

It is not always this way. And sometimes it takes a little effort. But at the moment I am determined to see the flowers and not the weeds.

8 thoughts on “Either or Or

  1. LOL I was reading a book today on a very beautiful and interesting garden and viewing a photograph of an especially beautiful courtyard but couldn’t take my eyes from an offensive roof line with a fascia badly in need of a lick of paint. For me, it blotted the whole scene and ruined everything!

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