Radio Gaga

I have been under-sharing recently. This is not because there has been nothing to report, quite the contrary, a whole fleet of excitement buses have been passing by. The result of this procession has been a lack of both the energy or the wherewithal to fill you in on the sordid details. Actually, there is little, if any, “sordid” at all. I just wanted to keep your attention.

On this rainy day in North Devon, whilst listening out for Grumpy Cat timer to tell me it is time to put the bread in the oven, what better occupation than to recount one of these adventures? If you are sitting comfortably …….

Last Sunday I was on Toby Buckland’s morning show on Radio Devon. Not as someone wondered, possibly one of my loving family, in the Crimewatch section. Yes, little old me, on t’radio! I was flattered to be invited; concerned they had got me mixed up with someone else. After some initial technical shenanigans whilst setting up, and having ascertained that it wasn’t imperative to be wearing clothes as no one would see me, we were all set to go. When Toby announced the upcoming Garden Guru section, I thought, that will be nice to listen to whilst I’m waiting for my turn. Then I realised he was talking about me.

For some reason, perhaps our gas-powered internet wasn’t up to the job, part way through I went a little (and I quote Caroline the Producer) “Dalek”. A quick flip of my chosen disc and a transfer to ye olde telephonium and we were back to humanoid, an interpretation anyway. I blethered on for a while, mostly nonsense, rarely about gardening, before a large hook came and pulled me off centre stage. It was all over in the blink of an eye. Toby was nothing but charming, fun and, to be honest, was just as daft as I am. And I mean that in a very good way.

Perhaps I should have warned you; you could have listened live and felt my pain. But I was worried that I would say “bottom” or burp or become Monosyllabic Mona. As far I remember I didn’t. I may have said bottom. However, if you wish to hear my not so dulcet tones you can, due to the wonders of our modern world, catch up with Toby’s Show. I’m sure you will want to listen to the whole programme, but if you are late for your extreme macrame class, my piece is at approximately 12.25pm. At the very least you should get a good dance out of it.

14 thoughts on “Radio Gaga

    1. I finally tracked your radio contribution and listened while washing dishes ( not as exciting as macrame). Well done. Thanks for the top tips. It’s good to be reminded that it’s my garden and so it’s ok if it’s not perfect (just as well). And I’ve discovered that Radio Devon has a four hour long gardening programme . Wow! Will listen every week now.

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  1. Wonder of wonders, the BBC let me listen to it all the way down here in Mudgee! It was fun to attach a voice (a very nice one) to the name, and hear the origin of the golden boot. I’m off to take a virtual look at Cliff Garden now.

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      1. I have not done that show for a long time. Otherwise, I think I would be terrified but in a good way to have someone like you on the show. It is hard to explain; but I am so uptight and ‘plain’ that listeners enjoy hearing my discomfort with terms such as ‘bottom’ or ‘naked lady’. (Some are actually worse.)

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