Sharp Shooter

Sometimes accompanying photos are meaningful, integral to the post, but sometimes they are incidental. It is tempting to invent a story about this picture of a fallen magnolia petal, how it represents the frivolous world, the glories of which are so easily cast aside, how its nibbled edges are a mirror to my own rough-edged soul and its dewy iridescence suggests a chance of redemption from the torment. But the truth is I wanted a chat and the photo needed using up.

On Friday I had “Le Jab”. As my “nothing is straightforward” life would dictate, the dedicated sharp shooter was not so sharp and a poor shooter. Her charm had been left at the door to hopefully be retrieved later. I am not here to judge, but after her attack my arm bled for longer than necessary and now sports a fine bruise. Maybe she saw the look on my face as I watched her mess up the previous victim. “Do you usually bleed when you have an injection” she accused . “No, but I expect it is my fault” I replied. “Correct” she barked. Scary posh women have been the bane of my life.

A sore arm, feeling a bit poorly and the further concreting of my fear of a certain kind of women, were all of course worth it. It is the way to go. Upwards and onwards. Ever upwards. And next time I am hoping for the someone who actually likes people.

Seriously, well done everyone who is working so hard to get us all vaccinated, to keep us safe, to set us on the road to hugs and reuniting with our loved ones. It must be tricky sometimes to keep a smile on your face. And I thank you. Even the grumpy gung ho ones.

16 thoughts on “Sharp Shooter

  1. Yikes! I’m sorry you had to deal with such a grump. I hope your arm feels better soon, and the gump gets a good night’s sleep and has a better day tomorrow.

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      1. No jab for me. I do not approve, although I will if asked to do so. Even though I do not work around people. I do work in public landscapes, so have an obligation to guests. If we open later in summer, I can not avoid them forever.


  2. Your experience well below par there my dear sister. I asked my chap when he was going to do the jab! He had done it, and I did not feel a thing. I read your post on my email and there was no picture, so indeed no picture required, but opened here, of course the petal is a great start for the description of how you feel. I think this person ought to be ‘retrained’ at the least.

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    1. Yes, it was a shame, but she was obviously stressed and getting herself into a pickle. She needs a kind hand and cup of tea and if that doesn’t work to be put on car parking. The people behind me in the queue wanted to moved to another one! x


  3. Oh, dear. Not good. My doctor was so quick I didn’t feel a thing. I only hope I get him for the next shot. Having to sit in the waiting room with a 15 minute stop watch was amusing and unexpected. Thankfully no-one fainted or went into shock.

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