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Time once more to join The Propagator in the jolly jaunt that is Six on Saturday. Before we get going, clutching at the slim chance that you might be interested, too late to protest I’m telling you anyway, I will update you on Life in General. This week has been an assortment of delights. Some might have been a little past their sell by date, but on whole the lead up to La Grande Move is progressing well (Fred will translate for you). The exception is the demon named EE, who are presently resident at the centre of the dart board. Although moving from one room to another entails negotiating chicanes of boxes full and boxes empty, demanding snake hips extraordinaire, we are coping admirably. 20 days to go. Shall we proceed?

Last weekend I accompanied Hero and another friend to a craft fair at Broomhill Art Hotel. It rained almost constantly, tipping from the moment we arrived to the second we left. When we arrived home it was apparent that not a drop had sullied the washing line. But all was not gloom. A delicious (although luke warm) truffle mac and cheese was scoffed in the drizzle and some very talented people admired. I had a nice chat with one stall holder who was selling tempting flower printed light shades and fabrics. The hot topic was the virtue of the bud. Yes, I am that exciting. Here is Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ not quite in flower, but nonetheless beautiful.

Aquilegia time is imminent and this is our garden forerunner. They are ever welcome and I hope will be loved as much as I have loved them. Then cursed for their wicked and wanton ways. It is the way of the world and cannot be defied.

I try not to mention Erigeron karvinskianus often, I much prefer to talk about fleabane. Just coming into flower, it is a great favourite. In fact, we have a much-loved water colour painting of this contrary plant. It is one I will be looking out for to grace the fabled and far off and perhaps ficticious (no!) “New Garden”.

Now a rather bizarrely cropped rose bud. More buds, more potential. This is Rosa ‘Peace’, I am led to believe, also a much loved plant. I attempted to take cuttings, but I was a) too late b) too impatient c) lacking motivation and they failed. It is not only a beautiful rose but a wonderful sentiment to pass on.

Osteospermum ‘JK’ has begun flowering. There is no need to take a cutting, I will be close enough to the real thing soon enough. Wish me luck.

This last one is not in my garden, but please bear with me. A few weeks ago a friend of mine died; too young, too cruel. Above the house where he lived is a nature reserve, which this time of year is blessed with an exuberance of orchids. A couple of years ago he was eager to share them in their full and bounteous beauty. When we reached the glorious zenith, he was just as thrilled as I was to see them, although he had walked there every day and this was my first visit. It is a moment that is held safe, for when a special memory is needed. Yesterday I went for a walk with his sorrowed partner, also a good friend. I had been thinking about the Cairn but had hesitated to suggest a visit, thinking it was insensitive. Instead, we travelled in the opposite direction taking the coast path, heading east not west. After a while we left the main path, investigating some old ways, pushing between trail-encroaching self-seeded sycamores, past cliff top rusting railings and fallen gateways. And then I saw it; a lone orchid, standing proud and defiant and, of course, most beautiful. It stopped me in my tracks. We only saw the one.

Until next time my friends. Take care.

34 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Buddy

  1. The post about the orchid and your friend who passed away was very moving. I’m sorry for your loss.
    The other plants in your post shouldn’t go without comment though, and Totally Tangerine is great looking flower. I’m very fond of Aquilegias and allow them too much of a free reign here.

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  2. These days I am saddened by our lack of freedom to travel as we would normally at this time of year visit an area rich in native orchids – among them many of the Early Purple Orchis, Orchis mascula, which you show above. Good memories of your friend.

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  3. What a nice symbol of your friendship that orchid makes. Your photo of the aquilegia is beautiful too. Although the boxes must be annoying, will have a very trim waist with all those snakes hip moves you’re making.

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  4. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend … this item does him honor…🙏
    The aquilegias are very pretty and if you remember you sent me seeds which grew well in the garden. The leaves are nicely coloured, rather purplish compared to the green of mine. Flowers next year I think.
    Thanks to the wink “La grande move” that we also could have said the “La grande mouvance” or “Le grand déménagement”

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  5. Thankfully, even with my poor extremely poor French (taught to us at school using ‘Tricolore’ text books and poor quality audio tapes where I could only ever make out ‘Bonjour Phillipe’ and ‘La Rochelle’) I think I’ve cracked it. A lovely selection. I don’t think anything can beat the simple beauty of a daisy. So sorry to hear about your friend.

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  6. Beautiful photos. The orchid is especially beautiful, as is the association with your friend.

    I also love the geum. I don’t own any geums but they are on my wish list.


  7. Félicitations for being so prepared with votres déménagement and Bonne Chance with EE. I only wish you all the best with the installation of the internet at your new home. Le bouton de Peace est une beaute. Your lovely tribute to your friend is very touching, and I am sad for your loss and pain.

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  8. A plant is a lovely reminder of a friend and that orchid is beautiful. I hate to admit that in my day, we didn’t have tapes and very little French conversation……just learn your vocabulary and the gender of all those inanimate objects. Meanwhile, your aquilegia are well ahead of mine. Although I curse them when in the wrong place, they are a pretty plant.


  9. Serendipity coming across the Early Purple Orchid. I saw one in Glendurgan garden last week, first time I have noticed one! They are lovely. And wild orchids are the best. I know that dance around boxes all too well. One reason why I dread having to move again, because there will come a point when we have to. I may pay for removers to do it all next time! I do hope the people moving in to your house and garden are gardeners. It would be a horror show if they pave everywhere.

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  10. Plants are often reminders of friendships past; finding that orchid was, perhaps, providential. Friends live on in memories like this.

    I’m not too sure how to interpret your osteospermatic “Wish me luck”. Is that a plea relative to the forthcoming relocation (you notice that, in recognition of the chaos and frustration it involves, French genders it as female)? Or is it a plea relative to your potential proximity to “the real thing”? Choose wisely! You did say your favourite beverage iss over-milky weak tea with three sugars, didn’t you? 🙂

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  11. Unlike so many of the (evidently more linguistically gifted) previous commenters, I won’t be conversing with you in French. My French is even worse than my German, and I was bottom of the class for three years running in that.

    Anyway, nice to see a few forerunners in the aquilegia and rose departments. No sign of any rose buds on mine yet, but lots of aquilegias on the way!

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    1. I failed French O Level twice! Definitely not a natural. Bearing that in mind, I will tell you a secret, I am trying to teach myself Dutch at the moment. My brother and his family live in The Netherlands. My linguistic skills have not improved over the years, it is a slow and painful process to say the least! ;D


  12. I am sorry to read about your friend, and that was a moving tribute to him, the little orchid standing so stalwartly ( if there is such a word).
    Your Geum is very handsome. I’ll look forward to them flowering in my garden: they are there because I read about them on your blog!

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