Sixish on Saturday

It has been a very good week. Highlights included: wheeless barrows, gin kits, a static Elvis, celeriac, a plethora of books, downward dogs in the rain and most importantly an adorable cat. I had tales to tell and pictures to share but not the time, or possibly the inclination, to write a blog about them. Hopefully I will catch up soon. Six on Saturday is a milestone in the week; even if I am not contributing I am thinking about whether I am going to or what excuse I can give myself not to. As you will have already deduced, this time I am. Before we get going, I must confess that I have strayed from the path, somehow an extra photo has snuck in. However, as one is for illustrative purposes only and should therefore not be counted, I believe I have staying within the perimeters and rigid guidelines as laid down in the three hefty volumes of SoS rules. In a futile attempt to conceal my rebeliousness from you top mathematicians I will use a) and b). I hope this is OK. Again, any complaints should be directed to my agent, Mr A Non, Refuse Lane, Bin Town, Rubbish County, Trashtopia. I doubt the Lord High Commander will give a fig, so neither should you. Shall we shake a leg?

First, residing at the opposite end of the tufa plant to the lithodora featured last week, is a fabulous little erodium. It is looking particularly lovely, bejewelled (a very Nigella word, don’t you think?) with raindrops. I must get more erodium, such great plants.

Recently I have getting in touch with my veggie side. When packing up to move I decided to send to storage all my flower seed but I brought my vegetables with me. This week, after a compost-buying visit to the local garden centre, I had a mini sowing spree. In this planter there is salad leaf, cut and come again, Mesclun Mix. In redundant terracotta window boxes I also sowed knicker elastic radishes and a mix of purple and orange carrots. In order to make quite clear to the local feline population that “this is not a cat litter box” I have placed twigs around the outside. I would be upset if my seedlings were disturbed. Even if it was Buster.

Whilst at the garden centre I was tempted (surprise, surprise) by the young tomato plants. Sungold is a long time favourite, Shirley the name of Peggy’s best friend. I bought an extra Shirley for my brother and his wife. I thought we could have a competition. Old habits die hard.

Onto a glorious yellow rose, unpruned and leggy, but still quite beautiful.

Aeonium ‘Zwartzop’ is a prime candidate for artistic raindrop shots. It would have been rude not to.

Lastly, a happy discovery in Peggy’s garden. I think this might be Jasminum beesianum but, as always, I am happy to be corrected. Whatever its name, the bees weren’t bothered, especially the diddy ones who are as zippy as they are petite. Five hundred and seventy six photos later, in the rain I might add, and I barely caught one of these allusive flitters. Still, after all that effort, you must see the bee in action, which somehow detracts from the beauty of the jasmine. So here we have it: a) bee and peripheral jasmine and b) bee-less jasmine in all its glory.

That is your lot, my friends. Have a good week!

39 thoughts on “Sixish on Saturday

  1. I do love a good introduction, and you tend to tick all the boxes, a chara! That said, your selection of sis ain’t bad either! Have a great weekend! It’s going to be a scorcher here. Hope you get some too.

    Btw, there’s some telepathy going on. Last week it was our various cunundrums. This time, we’ve nailed the doggy theme. Whatever next?

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  2. I would just like to mew that I would NEVER mess with or on plants. The Dork would kill me! Any accidents will always be on the hall carpet. Dork then only huffs, puffs and blows a gasket.

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  3. I’ve been doing downward dogs too but not in the rain, we’ve not had any so your pretty raindrop pics make me think lucky you, less watering! I love those little erodiums too and have them growing in a pot they share with an olive tree, but really they deserve their own pot.

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  4. I like your Erodium very much, another new plant for me. I purchased something very similar not long ago- in the geranium family but a kind of ground cover with tiny pink flowers. I also have to resort to sticks and branches to keep cats out of the garden. Since no one else around here has a garden, the cats think the soft soil in mine is the place for them! Grrr.

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  5. I have admired the bee photo . Such dedication to the cause should allow you to get away with any number of extra photos in my opinion. I’m glad the move hasn’t curtailed your gardening activities. Good luck with the tomato competition.

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    1. To be honest I couldn’t wait to do something as for months it has just been sorting things out to move. Now I can give all my pots the love they deserve and do my Mum’s garden as well. It scratches a very large itch!


  6. I like that Jasmine with its red flowers – unusual for a J – and could soon have a spot for one, once I relocate some existing greenery. I’ve given up trying to photograph flying things as the only way to get them to stay still for long enough is to zap ’em and then carefully stage the body. 🥴

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  7. Love the mea culpa at the start, it lulled me and hence I forgot to count the number…yips, I ought to get out there and sow a few more veg, but it is now too hot! Now my continual stream of garden visitors has gone the garden can move to its less tidy phase.

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  8. Your jasmine looks the same as the Prop’s but he’s not as enthusiastic about it. I think it looks rather charming and much less thuggish than my ‘clotted cream’. Your aenoium is looking good. Mine is going to get the chop soon (once I have some loam compost) as it has got very leggy again. Hopefully I shall get half a dozen new ones as I always cut the stem up into sections and plant them too.

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  9. All of your plants seem to have an attractive smattering of raindrops. We could do with some of that here – it’s beginning to get a bit on the dry side.

    On this particular occasion I will overlook your blatant violation of the rules. Just once, mind.

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  10. Raindrops? How did you get raindrops? My garden is gasping!
    Jasminum beesianum is right, I’m pretty sure, I have one but it’s being shy this year.


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