Six on Saturday – Excitement

I am even more distracted today. I know, it doesn’t take much. It has been one of those days when the planets align and stuff happens. Hottest day of the year so far, the stairlift engineer came, a lovely card with seed packets arrived, there was a flying ant infestation in the kitchen, oh yes, and we bought a house. An excess of excitement. We need to bring the mood down to a level more conducive to sleep. Some deep breaths and perhaps a little nidra. Or maybe just water the garden. Someone with their feet firmly on the ground, except when he is running mega-hyper-bigboy marathons, is our leader The Prop. Pop over to see what the rest of the SoS gang. Let us proceed.

First we have Lilium ‘Casa Blanca’ which is looking a little tatty but, I am told, smells wonderful. They were a gift a couple of years ago from the veritable JK and have declined since their initial fine display. Still they hang on. Nice to see them, to see them nice. Showing my age there.

Next the flower of Cucumber ‘Marketmore’ with attached mini cucumber. This is not helping the excitement levels.

The sempervivum is flowering. Horrah for the lovely blooms, boo for the dead rossettes, horrah for the new rossettes to follow. Such is life.

Onto germinating multi-coloured beetroot. Stay calm, it is just a beetroot after all.

A couple of years ago, after admiring the sisyrinchium on my friend Gabby’s website she asked if I had any. I said I didn’t think so. How could I have forgotten this beauty? Sisyrinchium ‘E K Balls’. Must have been distracted.

Lastly, the new kid on the block, accidently purchased last week when we went to buy compost. Osteospermum ‘Purple Sun’. I mean, who wouldn’t?

That is your lot, my friends. Stay safe. Stay calm.

55 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Excitement

  1. So I’m “veritable”? I like that. I might have quibbled had you used “venerable”. I’m sure the good people of You-know-where are now quaking in their boots in anticipation of your arrival and all the late night parties they won’t get invites to. At least your Casa blanca are flowering; mine are composting somewhere. I think I’ve got one of those nice Sisythings here. Must go on a hunt. Might get diverted by that Osteo, tho.

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  2. How exciting to hear you have bought a house. What sort of garden does it have? Big, little?
    Overgrown, manicured? I have that osteospermum too, isn’t it a fabulous colour?
    Hang on, your lovely lily is blushing in embarrassment at being called ‘Casa Blanca’. ‘Casa Blanca’ should be pure white. Unless mine are masquerading under a false name.

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    1. I thought that too (as the original giver). But I was afraid to challenge Gill’s naming as, these days, she’s often close enough to apply her right hook to my jaw. And once she moves, she’ll be even closer. One has to be careful!

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    2. Little garden but plenty to keep me busy as at the moment is mainly lawn (won’t last long). Room for a small greenhouse and small shed and small compost area. Watch this space. As for the lily, I didn’t check the label so …… 😆

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  3. Okay, you lost me on the ‘bought a house part’. I was done looking at pretty flowery pictures before I started. In our culture, where cheap homes cost more than $1,500,000, buying a home a a MAJOR deal.

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      1. Well, I do not expect them to be ‘that’ expensive, but I think that they are ‘somewhat’ expensive everywhere, expect for maybe abandoned parts of Detroit.
        You know, it amazes me that people pay so much money to live here, now that it is such a horrid place to live. It makes no sense. This was such an idyllic place to be when I was a kid, but anyone could afford to live here.

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      2. There are lots of problems here with house buying. People buy up places for second homes – by the sea or in the countryside, which puts the prices up and no local people can afford to live there. It is especially hard for young people to get on the housing ladder, especially if they do not have family to help them out.

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      3. Well, that is what happens. It seems to be happening everywhere but the less desirable places. It has been happening in the San Jose region for as long as I can remember, and started happening more in the Los Angeles region in the 1990s. It is difficult for me because I can not live in my ancestral homeland. I know of no one there who did not relocate from somewhere else. History is completely unimportant, and fabricated to suit those who live there now. I never moved away, but somehow ended up living in a completely different place and culture, and have become a social outcast just because of my simple lifestyle. When I lived in town, I was regularly reminded of what I needed to do to live there, even what sort of car to drive. Nowadays, I regularly get pulled over just for driving the old American cars that I prefer.

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  4. Nothing more exciting than a new house, except maybe a baby cucumber? I think not. Do tell us about the garden you’ll be taking over soon. Amazing osteospermum, hope that the sun stays around so they stay looking that good.

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      1. Am sure it will be lovely in your care. Floods were insane but luckily not too near us, my Mum suggested I buy a dingy just in case, but then I reminded her that we live on top of a hill!

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  5. Yes Baby cucumbers are exciting…I am too hot to post today, plus my writing is all used up. I hope everything goes well with the house, if it suits you both, then small is fine. At least you will give all those others around who may need their gardens sorted out, some of your time.

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  6. Sisyrinchium E K Balls is always a winner. I’ve given so many offsets away over the last few years to friends who say they don’t like sisyrinchiums but are bewitched by this one. And those osteospernums – party, party party!

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  7. That sisyrinchium is such a lovely colour. It’s exciting to see the cucumbers begin to grow. Best of luck with all the house buying/moving stuff. I’m sure I’m not the only one here looking forward to seeing the new garden.

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  8. Found your house. Hooray 😁 I bet you’re doing cartwheels. Love the oestoespermum, I’m going to look out for that one.
    Will we get to see your house?

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  9. Accidental purchases. Now who on earth does that 🙄 Congrats on the house purchase, no doubt we’ll be kept informed on the progress (we’d better). And I hate to point this out, but isn’t that baby cucumber covered in aphids? Or is it supposed to look like that?

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  10. I adore that sisyrinchium also and we grow it on top of a small retaining wall and look forward to its flowering each year. A little dote!

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  11. Hoorah for Purple Sun. Boo for anything tatty, be it plant or flying ants. I’m sure there’s a collective term for flying ants? Might even be different from when not flying…
    Finally another Purple Sun hoorah. To be truthful I’m more a hooray man.

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