19 thoughts on “Too Hot for Words

  1. Yup, it is hot but fanx yoo for creating my new woodland napping spot. I should tell you, tho, that The Dork did went at the tree cover with a saw last evening and it ain’t so shady any moar.

    I’ve tolded him to add some of my chicken pouchies to my fridge stash for you to have next time you visit me.

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  2. At least Buster is in the shade. During one of the warmer days here, Rhody went out and did this on hot asphalt in the sun! I immediately grabbed him and brought him inside! That just did not look safe.

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      1. According to Rhody, I am very (extremely) fortunate that he decided to live with me. Few terriers of his status are so gracious with their staff. I suppose that I should be grateful that I get to sleep inside sometimes.

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      1. I am not at all concerned about the asphalt. I did not want Rhody to melt! He must have learned this bad habit from the kitty who lives here.


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