Six on Saturday – PS Peggy

Shall we get the obvious out of the way before we get going? It has been hot. Hot for us Brits. We are ill-equipped for such things. We are sleep deprived and smelly. We are pink and dehydrated and grumpy. This week I have mainly been watering pots, talking about how hot it is, sweating and trying to sleep. I have woken to find the weather has broken; it is windy and wet and warm, a generous gift from the alliteration gods. It is too early to say whether this is a preferred option, it is undoubtedly one I am more accustomed to. Crikes, a garden chair just flew past the window! Wait a moment while I rescue it. Well, that was exhilarating and a little bit scary.

I’m trying to think of someone who would have stayed chilled this week and calm in a storm…… just a minute it is on the tip of my tongue ……. oh yes, our Six on Saturday leader, The Prop. Let us shake a leg, this SoS won’t write itself.

First, we have a plant that I took without the owner’s permissions. I nicked it. At the earliest opportunity I confessed, which makes it alright. I think. He didn’t call the police. But I have moved house since. Perhaps I am on the run and don’t even know it. It was however a crime of passion, so there is absolutely no way I would be charged in a Disney court of law. It is a rather beautiful geranium that I don’t know the name of, I didn’t go so far as to steal the label, but I call it Paul’s geranium.

My cucumber ‘Marketmore’ has taken off and there are more flowers and baby cucs on the way. I have been removing the male flowers, for no other reason that I thought the bad boys might make the fruit bitter. Or is that courgettes? The plant has decided that my cane support was not adventurous enough and headed in a tomato-ey direction. As the saying goes, “You can lead a cucumber to bamboo but you can’t make it climb it”. Unless you tie it on and cut off all the tendrils of course.

Last week it was Peggy’s birthday. As we skated to my brother’s house for a celebratory meal, mum on her rolator, me and OH on rollerblades, we bumped into a local gardener. “It is my mum’s birthday” I said, just like a three year old would. The generous woman disappeared into her greenhouse and came out with this little beauty, Salvia ‘Senorita Leah’. “Happy birthday” she said, and then to me “You can easily take cuttings”. I was already on it.

You might well hang your head in shame Dahlia coccinea! One day you have red flowers, the next you decide to start blooming orange. A mystery indeed. I blame Brexit/heatwave/alien invasion.

This is the first time that my Hydrangea aspera ‘Hot Chocolate’ has flowered. To be honest it hasn’t been a long wait, a little over a year, and you have to let a chap settle in. The lovely peachy blooms are a pleasant surprise. I bought the plant for its foliage (and name) and hadn’t considered flower colour. Very nice.

The watsonia seedling has also flowered for the first time. It was a gift from Steve and Dawn at Devon Subtropical. Here it is growing in association with a more reliable orange dahlia, Bishop of York. When I say “in assocation” I mean, I stuck the pot next to it.

And here is an extra. However I have got an exemplary excuse for this misdemenour. Are you sitting comfortably? Since we have been living with my mum, I’ve enjoyed sharing my plants with her. I bring the pots in that are small enough, or help her outside for the larger ones, and tell her a little bit about them. Yesterday afternoon we were looking at this Fuchsia procumbens ‘Variegata’ and she was smitten. “Shame, I’ve already got my Six on Saturday photos sorted” I told her. “Can’t you have it as a PS?” Of course I can. So here it is: the adorable variegated creeping fuchsia.

That is your lot. Rain this weekend, which is much needed. Hopefully not floods, which are seldom welcome. Take care, my friends. ‘Til next time.

34 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – PS Peggy

  1. You’ve actually gone and done what I’d wanted to do! But you’ve pleaded guilty and all will be OK. Easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. I do admire your taste in Geraniums, almost as much as your thrilling style of writing. Gardening writing is an art form, but stay away from the rollerblades.
    Happy birthday, Peggy. Breithlá sona duit.

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  2. I’ve always been led to believe that stealing plants is one of our most basic human rights. After all, “One man’s plant pincher is another man’s plant liberator.” (Gandhi)

    The Watsonia looks rather special and nice and such.

    PS. Thanks to your mum for the extra picture 🙂

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  3. Yes your writing is fabulous, and the plants are pretty good too. I’m glad your Mum suggested a cheeky PS, as that creeping fuchsia is really lovely and interesting. Loved your bit about Brits and the heat, never a good combo, except for desert-loving Englishmen (like my Dad), and mad dogs of course.

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  4. More humour, just the thing Sis to keep us grounded, and to seek forgiveness to the great Propergator in the Sky for all the cuttings, seeds, and divisions acquired. Often the original plant will be better for it, it is only consciousnesses and people who are aggrieved. I rather like the Fuchsia, such a little darling. Might have to pinch a cutting of that one should I ever see it, or add it to my list for next year.


  5. They say those stealthily taken cuttings always grow better. I can see why you were tempted though; it’s a beauty! Love the colour of your Mum’s birthday present. The creeping Fuchsia is lovely, with the most unusual flower!


  6. Love your Mum’s birthday present, super colour, Happy Birthday Peggy! Also like the colours of your Hydrangea Hot Chocolate, worth buying just for the name! Thank goodness it’s cooler now.

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  7. Peggy’s salvia is a gorgeous pink. I want one! So you got the wind. I thought we were going to have gales and torrential downpours, but it must have veered off course to Wales instead. We did have rain, but more an occasional plopping noise throughout the night rather than the heavy lashing down stuff expected. Not complaining. Feels a bit fresher now and the sun is back after a very glowering morning.

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    1. Rubbish on the rain front, feel a bit hard done by, perhaps tomorrow there will be more. Trying to collect some rainwater for the Venus Fly Trap! Mind you, I should be careful what I wish for …..


  8. Not sure which I love more the Watsonia or Chocolate Hydrangea…the variety of Fuschsias continues to boggle my mind. I would advise you to stay away from South Florida until very late this year. It is currently 31 C 68 percent humidity – feels like 98 F the weather says…


  9. There are some plants that simply should not be purchased, such as lily of the Nile, bearded iris, amaryllis and zonal geranium (or pelargonium). There are plenty of they about, and I figure that every source of such plants that I ‘obtained’ originated from an acquisition of a similar manner. Would your geranium be classified as such a plant?

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  10. I love your PS and I’m so glad you included it. Your coccinea dahlia is very much like one I’m growing called Bishop of Oxford. The flowers when they first open are a very deep burnt orange and fade to a pale marmalade. I guess it’s easy to spot when they’re ready to deadhead!

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  11. Pretty poor on the rain front here too. A beautiful geranium, a delightful post, a very happy birthday to Peggy and how lovely to have that Salvia as a pressie. Life seems pretty perfect – now the heat has gone. And the PS was perfect too.

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