Try and visualise this little scenario with me. Go on, give it a try. It is one that I have replayed over the last few weeks, I am very well aquainted with it.

You’ve been hanging on the telephone for an age, listening to the recording of a very sincere woman assuring you that “your custom is extremely important to us” accompanied by a first class ear worm. Gordon from Birkenhead eventually comes on the line, apologising for your wait. Unfortunately, by this point in time you’ve forgotten not only why you called, but the point of life itself.

Today we completed the purchase of our new home. There has been a similarity in the process with the scene above. Although, to be truthful, which I always try to be, I was significantly happier when we eventually got through.

For those of you who so generously offered their own personal sacrifices to The Big Moving Gods in the Sky, your selfishness has been most welcome. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Congratulations. We now look forward to your showing of, in the best Vita tradition, your half-acre of snowdrops, without which even the smallest of gardens is unworthy of mention.

    And your white garden, blue garden, mas-planted annual beds, in the best municipal tradition, arboretum and, of course, the magnificent greenhouses. You will produce eleven “Six on Saturday” posts every day.

    And consume a lot of gin.


  2. Oh, the frustration, and one that is international, it seems. Congratulations. When the moving trauma is all over, I hope to enjoy exploring your new garden with you. x

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