Check In

How are we? A little delicate, disappointed, over-fed, over-watered, exhausted, confused, relaxed, relieved, or perhaps a little bit of each on rotation? It is a strange time, this in-between bit; not quite Christmas, not quite new year. Are we living in the moment or eyes fixed on the horizon? Anyone have a clue?

If all else fails a castle usually diverts attention, for a little while at least. Here we have Coity Castle. My manor. Well, as much as any other ancient monument.

12 thoughts on “Check In

  1. We must be connected – The original builder of Coity Castle – Payne de Turberville – is, according to, my 26th great grandfather. Of course, I have not fully verified this connection.
    I do ancestry “research” for fun. 🙂

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  2. I love this time of year…just been for a long cycle ride, and admiring the green fields against dark skies, starlings practising their murmurations, and watching the swans swim across fields. We had to cycle through water, just how exciting and intrepid is that…and picture the scene: he and I stripping by the washing machine!

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