Six on Saturday – To Infinity and Beyond

Two SoSing weeks on the trot, I must be on track for a gold star on the The Prop’s chart of Shame and Glory. The cold and crisp has been replaced by the damp and dreary and, although I have had countless flights of imagination, I haven’t done any actual gardening. Still, these things can’t be rushed. Shall we tootle on?

First, we have a Buzz Lightyear ball that was in the garden when we arrived and doesn’t belong to nextdoor. Now it is ours. Apparently, “Possession is nine tenths of the law”, is that actually true? Anyway, it acts as an ice breaker on our water reservoir and has proved very useful over the last couple of weeks.

Next, a scabious, yet to be planted out, that is having a mini flowering flurry. Scabby little flowers, which is appropriate for a scabious, I suppose. Still, it always good to see a flower at this time of year, adds to the delicious anticipation of spring.

This tatty bookshelf is going to become my plant shelf. All I’ve got to do is go to the shop, choose some paint, buy some paint, find the brushes and sandpaper and turps and suchlike, prepare the item, paint the item. See you next year.

The hydrangea cutting from Ilfracombe is producing some fine looking shoots from the bottom of the plant. This makes me very happy. Big chunky shoots, what would be better?

Not content with two bird feeders we have now have three. I am very pleased to report that our avian count has increased this week, with a lone blue tit and a glossy starling visiting the feeders. The sparrow mob and inadequate robin are still in town. Great tele.

Finally, as the great Prop would say if he thought about it, “always finish with a pretty one”. Leaves a sweet taste. Here is a darling little cyclamen, flowering its socks off.

All done for another week. Take care and stay safe, my friends.

24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – To Infinity and Beyond

  1. To have two have = 3, says he from pole position (7). That should keep you thinking for a bit. An addition to your plant shelf acquisition list… some smaller plants? And aren’t you lucky with an increase in bird count bang on schedule for the Big Garden Birdwatch weekend.

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      1. Uh, nope. This is the weekend when all the locals go on holiday and I get a chance to clean the feeders. Don’t know why; it just is and has been for a few years.

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  2. When I saw the thumbnails this week, I thought it was for marble game, but no, it’s a Toy Story ball !
    I hope there won’t be a cold snap on this pretty hydrangea budโ€ฆ Fingers crossed.
    Pretty white cyclamen: is it a cyclamen week? !

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  3. I hadn’t planned to post this week, but you are an inspiration. I’m off to collect some snowdrops, and it I can prize myself away from those, will sit down with some of your fairy dust which you scatter so generously around, and find some inspiration deep down.


  4. The hydrangea cutting looks very promising. I love the look of large leaves in bud formation. The bookcase plant bench is an excellent idea. Do the birds seem to enjoy the apples you put out? Now I’m thinking of trying some in our suet cages.

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  5. I’m always intrigued to see what us Sixes will find to feature during these quiet Winter months – but I would never have guessed that Buzz would appear. From your photo the bookshelf appears just fine as it is (for now anyway).

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  6. See you next year ๐Ÿ˜‚ yes these ideas seem great but then the execution of them takes some effort! It IS a great idea though and I love furniture being put to imaginative use in the garden. Clever use of the fat ball and apple combo, they will be healthier birds for it.

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