Six on Saturday – Up, Up and Away

I’m sure I won’t be alone in celebrating the acceleration in our gardens in this week’s Six on Saturday. Hold on tight folks, we are off! We may have a pit stop or two along the way, but the general trajectory is heavenwards. Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere and you will be winding down nicely, fed up with all that hot weather. Did I manage to get myself out of that hole? If you pop over to Captain Prop’s blog you will be able to read all about the ups and the downs of the other SoSers. Let’s get on, there is gardening to be done.

First we have the peach flower, solitary and splendid. This peach tree was grown from the kernal of a delicious fruit and is the product of a “why not give it a go” moment. Last year there was also just one flower. Unfortunately, it didn’t progess any further. I have medium to low expectations for this one. But as they say, where there is flower there is hope.

Always a sucker for a quick germination, early season I sow radish and then get googly eyed when they emerge. This is, supposedly, a mix of yellow, red and purple. We shall see.

The Woolies acers are beginning to reveal their leaves and a very beautiful performance it is too. Like a high class burlesque dancer in reverse. We haven’t yet decided whether or not to plant any of the acers out into the ground. I would say that at least one will get its roots in the soil, the problem is which one?

Hip hip horray, its a trillium flowering day! Must get more, a white one would look splendid.

As usual, I bought OH a small packet of seed potatoes for his birthday. I know, generous to a fault. As usual, he planted them contrary to how I would and I say nothing, they are after all his spuds to do with what he wishes. It is my annual lesson in self-control. As usual, they are growing very nicely.

Finally, Lunaria annua ‘Corfu Blue’, a most wonderful honesty. I bought this plant at an open garden last summer as I recognised the cultivar name. I’m very pleased I did.

All done, hope I didn’t leave you with an earworm. Take care and keep spreading the horti-love.

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Up, Up and Away

  1. Honesty flowering already? I always think of them as summer flowers. Your single peach flower is sweet. I have what I thought was a peach tree (ornamental) bought for me by my daughter one Mother’s Day in the distant past. It has never flowered and seems to be evergreen. Now about 90cm tall. I wonder what it is?

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  2. A lovely acer and also a lovely description of it (burlesque dancer in reverse). I get equally excited by radishes germinating, what a thrill! That’s a beautiful Honesty, I fear I did not think ahead, having had some in flower last year, if they set seed I’ll have to wait till next year, I’m v annoyed I didn’t sow some more last summer.

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  3. I love the lunaria though my spell checker keeps changing it to lunatic. Love all your Saturday Six, are you going to pollinate the peach with a soft brush? Looking forward to seeing Eric’s potatoes smothered in lashings of butter 😊

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  4. I grew Corfu Blue from seed some years back and it looks like I’ll never be rid of it, whereas the ordinary sort seems to have vanished. It has big leafy rosettes that shade out other things if you don’t watch it constantly. Kudos to you for embracing the extremes of radish and trillium from seed, well mostly for the Trillium.

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  5. Hey, my best peach tree ever grew from a seed in a compost pile. I dug it and heeled it in with the intention of moving it into the garden, and grafting a cultivar onto it later. Well, that never happened. It stayed heeled in, and grew into a tree right there. It provided such excellent peaches that it stayed. That was in the winter of about 1985. I just pulled out the decayed trunk a little more than a year ago. (Peaches do not live long.) The only difficult with it was that I could NOT root cuttings from it. Even layering suckers from it did not work. I hope that something sprouts from the decayed stump, which I buried at home, but I also doubt that anything remains viable.

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  6. I hope the peach comes good – someone I works for’s father had a peach grown from a stone which, I’m told, produced fantastic fruit.

    The Trillium looks fantastic – no sign of my seedlings yet, but I’ll hold on the seed pot for a couple of years – you never know!

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  7. Interesting isn’t, I often have a song in mind when I write a six. Last week I was wondering whether I could manage a song title for every six this year. Mine was ‘It’s getting better’ – Mama Cass. That has been an earworm for me! But onto flowers – The trillium is magnificent, I really don’t know why I haven’t taken the plunge and added some. And it’s a beautiful peach flower – a success already, I hope it goes on to bigger and better things!

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