Six on Saturday – I Messed Up

Yes, it really is me. It might not look like me, but it is. I messed up. I have been having problems with tagging for a while and WordPress Support told me it was because my theme was obsolete. Not gardening, that will ever be necessary, but the appearance of my blog. Ever eager to keep up with the young ‘uns, I attempted to update, unfortunately with catastrophic consequences. Perhaps an exaggeration, annoying and frustrating at best. At one point I took over the body of a travel writer, I’m not sure what he thought about that. Now my content is back but all my set-ups lost. I am despairing. And I haven’t got the time nor energy to put it right at the moment. So here we are, looking a little different; no header, no menu, no disclaimers, no golden boots, no nothin’. Someone who surely couldn’t be quite as daft is our leader The Prop or indeed any of his loyal followers. Just stoooopid old me. With head hung low, I will continue.

Granny mentioned last week that she would like to see some long shots of the garden, so this week I have obliged. Not terribly exciting (yet), but hopefully it will give you an idea of what I have been up to. I’ve yet to think of interesting names for different areas of the garden, so please bear with dullard me, suggestions are always welcome (I might live to regret that).

First, the header photo, which is the west facing border. Planted here are lazy, or perhaps traumatised, canna and hedychium who are yet to show their noses. The neighbour’s fence behind does a hula dance whenever there is a gust of wind, so perhaps they are best staying safe in the ground until she gets it fixed. There are also various salvia and Bidens ‘Hannays Lemon Drop’ and the mini Tibouchina ‘Groovy Baby’.

Next the north facing border, which has some expanding to do. Here we have two hydrangea, two impatiens and the trillium. The tall plant in the middle is Pseudopanax ‘lessonii ‘Moas Toes’, which has settled in quite well, in spite of all the strong winds its spindly self has had to deal with. As with the whole garden, the fence needs to be disguised. All in good time.

Now the little raised bed with the pear tree in it, the only planted area when we arrived. The tree has now had it’s top taken out and looks much more in scale. Already insitu are a couple of hostas and an astilbe, I’ve added some other bits including geraniums and ferns and a recent addition, a serpentine solomon’s seal.

Next is an east facer, which certainly gets more sun now the tree casts less shadow. Lots of goodies in here including Diascia perfoliata, penstemon and Bletilla striata ‘Alba’ (fingers crossed for a flower this year). At the shader end Rodgersia ‘Heavenly Gill’ is just beginning to poke its fingers through the soil. Hopefully she will be happier with her feet in the ground after many years in a pot.

Onto the south facing back of the house where I’ve made a mini border and have lots of pots. Here are pots of mint (apple, chocolate and ginger), garlic and cut and come again lettuce. Lilium ‘Forever Susan’ (allegedly) is doing well and she is close-by so I can regularly check for The Red Ones.

Finally, the side of the house, compost and turf stacking area, general dumping ground and, most excitingly, the approximate site of a new, grown up, greenhouse. I am very excited by the prospect of having a proper greenhouse. We are still at the planning stage and it won’t be in place until late summer, but if there is something to look forward to, I’m sure it is this. I already love my new garden, and I have no doubt this love will grow and mature with the plants. There will be tears and frustration and celebrations, just like life really.

That is your lot, no close up of the pretty ones, they will be back next week or maybe the week after or …. we will see. Have fun and keep the faith.

40 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – I Messed Up

  1. It’s nice to see different views of your garden and especially all the plantations you have done, which gives a lot of hope. Pretty beds are created, and I already think that this autumn or next spring it will look even more beautiful ! I’m looking forward to seeing the pseudopanax and the tibouchina growth

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  2. Oh dear. Still it looks as though you just need to do some widgetting and all will be back to normal. Good luck.

    I see that you’re fortunate in your perimetry aspects inasmuch as you have unbridled fence faces, without the incursion of posts and rails. On the other hand, remember to allow hammer space twixt greenhouse and fence.

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      1. Well, if your tags table is corrupted, you may need to rebuild the historic bits. Easy to do, tho time-consuming. You simply go back to first post, delete all tags and then re-enter them. Then just work through, post by post…….. Just buy lots of gin before starting and maybe get a cat to cuddle.

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  3. Its always interesting to see the progression of gardens over the years, and to be able to witness the start of what will be a fascinating journey. I see lots of lawn still! The best thing is your fences are going to be good for a number of year.

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  4. It’s great to see some wider shots of the garden, and I expect we will see such a difference even by the end of this summer when those plants get their growth underway. The greenhouse will be such fun to use. I can’t imagine not having one now ( and I didn’t have one for the first 25 years of my gardening life!).

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  5. How frustrating when a blog goes pear-shaped (my two blogs decided to change their theme colours yesterday, without any input from me). WP are always ‘upgrading’ something with unforseen and unwanted consquences for some of their users. If they were making your theme obsolete, surely they should have warned users in advance so alterative arrangements could have been made. I don’t complain because I only use the free themes but it is annoying. I hope you get everything sorted out soon and without too much work on your side,

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  6. So exciting to start a new garden or bed. Endless possibilities but, unlike interior decorating, things can always be changed. Looking forward to seeing more photos as the year progresses.

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    1. It’s lovely to see the plants in context, so thank you, Granny for requesting, and thank you, Gill, for complying! I’m currently reworking my almost north facing garden (NbE/NNE, I think) and have a fence to disguise so,as always, I’m hoping to learn from you! Good luck with the tags and themes and whatnot.

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  7. The only issue I have had when changing themes is that some older posts don’t look right, but then most people never look at older posts! I am still using the classic editor so nothing much has changed for me, yet. I am dreading having to use the block editor. To the garden. I am surprised to see so much lawn, I thought you’d be hacking into that already to make deep herbaceous borders – I see you as a herbaceous border lady, lots of lush plants and colour. I’m sure you will get there in time and I look forward to seeing the progress.

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  8. Great to get a tour around your new garden and to see how it changes over time (blog settings permitting – why must blog sites change stuff and complicate matters?) I found myself envious of the compost bin. I’ve yet to figure out where I could squeeze such a thing into my garden.

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  9. Love the new format. Can’t you keep it? No bits and bobs and click heres. Perhaps I read too many books and too few blogs. Garden is coming on well and represents a lot of hard work, we will need regular updates as it developes. Bon Courage!

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  10. Oh dear, the obsolete theme. I fear the day that happens to me. I like the simplicity of this, hate all the themes with two levels of squares running around. This works! and we get to see the very beginning of your garden. You have been hard at work and things are looking very promising..I am looking forward to seeing the Bidens, it is a weed here.

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  11. What!, no more golden boots! Tell me you have a backup of the image at least, even if it’s not back on show yet. The new garden looks to be shaping up well; a season’s growth will make a huge difference.

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  12. Many sympathies with dealing with the changes. I think I am using block editor now but that was a small trauma. The garden tour was lovely. I can see the shapes you are building and as usual, so many interesting plants. Do trilliums stay evergreen all year or does the leaf die back?

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  13. WordPress gurus are little feckers to be sure. A bit obsolete themselves really.
    Now, I’m a bit surprised you’re not Nuneaton with names for sections of your lovely garden… Here’s my contribution: The Liitte Raised Bed With The Topless Pear Tree. I figure you’ll know the section I’m on about.

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