Six on Saturday – Oops, I Did It Again!

In the scheme of things, buying inappropriate or excessive plants is not a sin, but sometimes even I say “where on earth am I going to put that?!”. Only to myself, of course, it would imprudent to say those words out loud. It does happen though. And I am pretty certain I am not alone. A man with a small problem in the plant aquisition department, tempered by the need to run outrageous distances and not even enroute to a nursery, is our very own Master of Abandon. It might be a good idea to pop over to find himself and the rest of the gang in their various states of restraint. Shall we make a start, there is chocolate to be eaten.

Last week, on the way to a job close to Mum’s, I popped into the supermarket to get some supplies for Peggy and lunch for us both. Somehow, I still can’t fathom quite how it happened, a saxifrage and an apple mint found their way into my basket. I have planted the saxifrage into the tufa planter to replace the veronica that snuffed it over the winter. And they say there is no such thing as instant gratification. Actually, I say it quite often. Hmm.

Purchased last year, when I should have been hortily downsizing, this little Primula sieboldii ‘Winter Dreams’ is doing it’s snowflakey best at the moment. Not regrets there.

Anemone ‘Mistral Fucsia’, bought when I didn’t have a home, let alone a garden, has opened to reveal the most outrageous central boss. Money well spent, don’t you think? And there are lots more blooms to come, including its co-star Anemone ‘Mistral Vinato’.

I keep harping on about how I really want some Thalia, drooling over other Sos-ers’ specimens, and promising that next year I will definitely be getting some. Now the daffs in the pots are flowering, the ones I forgot to label and wondered if they were poeticus and now I am thinking ….. could they be? What do you reckon? The trumpet starts off quite creamy and then gets much paler. I will have to ask OH to have a sniff.

This unnamed auricula is always a joy and has been by my side for several years now. I must find it a friend. No, I have enough plants already.

What happened was ……. we went to the garden centre to look at the greenhouses (yes, I know, how exciting!) and then we looked around the plants and then we found death row (witch hazel, erythronium, viola, mini conifer) and then we looked at the rest, which on reflection we shouldn’t have, and then a trolley came onto the scene, then other things happened, one of which was this Echium ‘Pink Fountain’. Where on earth am I going to put it?! Oops!

All done, have fun my friends. Keep making the world a beautiful place.

18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Oops, I Did It Again!

  1. Primula petals are a lovely shape. The anemone is very glamorous. I also yielded to the temptation of an echium recently, despite the fact that it is not hardy in my growing zone. Having planted it near the house, I am hoping for the best.

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  2. It’s always a pleasure but never a solution to go to garden center death row… For people like us, we always manage to fill the shopping cart… and at home to fill the garden! Have a nice Easter weekend Gill

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  3. Yup, we all know the feeling! The pangs of pity for those poor, innocent plants, consigned to death row simply due to the whim of some underpaid shop assistant who has never been shown how to water, let alone prune. And so we generously rehome them. Yup.

    I’ve started along the road to reducing the lawn by another square metre or two. But not square, tho, a bit more bendy. Is there such an area measure as “bendy metres”? I need to make space in the transitory hostel, you see, by rehoming some long-term residents.


  4. Garden centres are best avoided unless absolutely necessary. Went with my daughter to find some plants to replace those that have died only to come out £100 poorer. Plants now planted, instructions given and fingers crossed 🤞 the pleasure of choosing plants without the guilt of not having a place for them.

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  5. Primula sieboldii ‘Winter Dreams’ is divine, I’m not sure what my P.sieboldii is called but no bloom showing yet. I have learnt to come away from garden centres with very little only once or twice mind! As for specialist growers: real ones, not a chance! Happy Easter Sis.

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  6. I fear a Plantaholics Anonymous wouldn’t work. We seem to encourage each other to fall off the wheelbarrow and buy more plants! Wow to Primula sieboldii ‘Winter Dreams’ – I’ve not seen one before. Your white daffodil doesn’t look quite as pointy somehow as my Thalia – although it’s just as lovely.

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  7. It’s just so hard to resist the temptation, and Six on Saturday only makes it worse – I know that if I happened to be passing a GC and saw that lovely primula sieboldii, for example, it would definitely end up in the trolley (or basket – I don’t usually go in thinking I’ll buy a trolley-load, but then run out of basket space!!).


  8. I’m certain the plants clamber into the cart on their own, and it would be rude not to let them stay, wouldn’t it?!
    Your Narcissus is lovely. To my eye it looks a bit shorter in the trumpet than Thalia, but that may be camera angle or just my poor memory. It’s been awhile since I’ve grown it.
    Now I need to get out and plant the aquilegia and dianthus I rescued from the GC the other day… 😉

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  9. I haven’t been to a garden centre for several weeks now,😇 but you are spoiling everything and rekindling my need to visit said place.😡 Anyway, lovely plants, do show us where you find a space to put them……..maybe a garden long shot soon?

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