Diamonds are Forever

Yesterday I reached the significant milestone of sixty years on Planet Gill. Strange but true. Generally, I’m not bothered by the passing years. For one, it is wasted energy and for two, I rarely act my age. However, for the preceding couple of days I felt unsettled by the whole idea. It occurred to me that time was running out. That I should have achieved something by now, that my chance of doing anything worthy before I needed substantial support was diminishing. Quite frankly, that I had under-achieved. Up to 11 August 2022 retribution had been a possibility and now it seemed unlikely. Oh dear, how maudlin.

Then it happened. And it was the best day ever. I cried a lot, possibly more than your standard birthday. I was humbled by the kindness of my family and family. I did all the things I love to do: I ate good food and drank champagne, I rummaged for bargains in an antiques market, I wandered through the parched Physic Garden and bought plants, I picked out a lino-cut in an exhibition, all in good company.

Much later, I sat in the garden, G & T in hand and watched the bats flit and flutter. And I realised that I had achieved what a lot of people sadly fail to do. I have surrounded myself with wonderful people, compassionate and considerate and funny. It really couldn’t have been a much better day. Thank you.

ps New diamond studded boots photo courtesy of my very clever younger brother. Not that the older brother isn’t clever too, of course.

37 thoughts on “Diamonds are Forever

  1. Happy birthday Gill. You have amused and entertained me, and many others on your blog for a number of years now, and I hope you continue to do so for years to come. That in itself is a wonderful achievement. Thank you.
    The new boots are absolutely spiffing.

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  2. Happy belated birthday Gill! We just have to live fully and enjoy the moment, plus the little things in life – and it seems you are doing that 🙂

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  3. Under achieved, you? Not a bit of it. You are a truly lovely person, a top gardener, brilliant blogger and a caring smiley friend. That will do for starters. Glad you enjoyed your day.


  4. Oops………things are confused……congrats for your 60……….we have been married for 60 since yesterday and the years are beginning to take their toll….like memory and pressing the buttons Think of you lots and read your blogs and delighted to see your continued enthusiasm for gardening……We are wilding everything……not found any help and now the brambles are taking over Lots of love from both of us Mary

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