Six on Saturday – The Bright Side

Shall we get this over and done with? It is hot. Hot for us. Too hot for me. I could have shared six frazzled plants from the garden, or even a frazzled gardener, but I have decided not to. I expect you have some of your own casualties. Here I will be showcasing the bright side. Any crispy leaves which have snuck in looking for sympathy are an aberration, please ignore the attention seekers. If you wish to share in the world’s happy sixes take a look at The Prop’s post where you can share the love. Let us shake a leg, free from haste and gently does it.

First we have Helenium ‘Short and Sassy’ along with some photobombing zinnia. I’ve just spotted a monarda also getting in on the act. The helenium were donated by my sponsor with some mutterings about an appropriate name. No idea what he meant by that.

I wasn’t sure that I liked the flowers of Hydrangea aspera ‘Hot Chocolate’, that it was worth growing for its dusky leaves alone. But I have decided that I do. This shrub has had a couple of heat inflicted swoons but soon perks up with a can of water. Hold on in there my lovely!

I have some dahlia problems, more specifically, labelling problems. There are only three dead certs and the rest have been, or are to be, a surprise. I am guessing this is a honka of some persuasion, not Obsidian as that is elsewhere and one of the few certainties. Nice though.

This is Rudbeckia ‘Irish Eyes’ although the central boss is not as green as I remember from growing it in the past. Perhaps the boss is always greener on the other side. Dreadful, I know.

OH hammerited the iron bands of the dodgy barrel and here it is planted up. It was more a case of what needed a home than a well thought-out design plan, but sometimes that is the best way. Generally I feel “the Force” rather than agonise for too long. It usually works. And if not, there is always the autumn shuffle.

Visiting a well-known posh supermarket the other week, I spotted a man at the check out with a rather lovely dahlia. “Nice dahlia” I said. “Security!” he shouted. Some people just don’t know how to be friendly. On my next visit, a couple of weeks later, another specimen was situated just by the entrance door. “If it is less than £10 I am having it” I thought. It was £9. What is a gal to do? Welcome to Dahlia ‘Souvenir d’Eté’ It is shown here snuggling up to the Gardeners’ Delight whilst I find the perfect spot for it. I must write a label for it.

That is your lot, my lovelies. Stay cool, unless you are somewhere cool and then stay warm. ‘Til next time.

28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – The Bright Side

  1. It must be a rare person who can grow a lovely garden, post brilliant photos and write a thoroughly enjoyable garden post! Apparently you are one of the few. Loved every bit of it. Those heleniums jumped right out of the screen. Glad the dahlia was under 10. Gorgeous hues. ~lisa

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  2. Every bit of your post made me chuckle today: particularly the bit about ‘if the plant is less than*******’ the wonderful thing about this we can always guage the price higher, and then the plant is ours. What a well named Dahlia, and very beautiful too.

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  3. That made me chuckle as always. Thank you. ‘Short and Sassy’ is very lovely indeed. That windmill like Dahlia looks like my Honka something-or-other (possibly something imaginative like ‘Red’). Dahlia ‘Souvenir d’Eté’ goes rather well with the tomatoes.

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  4. GREAT SIX! Glad to see you still have several bright flowers at work. It has been hot here, too but we had several nice days this past week. Rain is in the forecast but summer is lingering on. Thanks for sharing!


  5. As always, your 6 makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud!😁🤣 Your flowers are all looking good and healthy too. I hadn’t seen a green-centred rudbeckia before.
    PS. Happy birthday on Thursday! 🎂🎊🎉 My elder daughter shares that day and is only a few years younger!! 😱

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