Cookie Crumbles

My life seems to oscillate between one of two phases:

a) A Challenge: When it is struggle to understand how it can be so difficult to get something right. A simple word is misinterpreted, you are sidelined, undermined and frustrated. How ever many times you try, the tossed coin never falls on heads. Everything fails as you plod on, desperately holding on to the last vestige of hope. Things break. Exhausting.

b) A Cinch: These are the times when pool balls pot with a mere glance and the dart hits the bullseye. You are loved and extolled, perhaps even understood. The dropped buttered bread lands the right way up. You are capable of anything and you have faith in that fact. There is skipping and even a geriatric cartwheel. Exhilarating.

At the moment I am in the former phase. I am hoping, very soon, to move to the latter. That is the way the cookie crumbles. I will have to take it on the chin.

And, as I have recently, to my great shame, been reminded, there is always someone far worse off.

25 thoughts on “Cookie Crumbles

  1. I think it’s difficult for anyone to skip at the moment, but sending you big hugs and looking forward to seeing you cartwheeling and singing from the hill tops very soon (thank goodness we have the Bristol Channel). Xxxx

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