Six on Saturday – Horizontal

I’m thinking of starting a new gardening trend. It is called The Hortizontal Method. My inspiration is the current view of my garden. No, I am not having a nap, it is the plants bending double in the wind and rain. Poor things. There are only so many times you can spring back before you break. It seems the autumnal storms have arrived with a bluster and my voluptuous borders can’t cope with such rough behaviour. Still, it is late in the season and my eyes are partly on next year’s prize. Before the destroyer arrived I managed to take a few gently-swaying SoS photographs. For once aforethought was my saviour. Anyone new to this Six on Saturday shenanigans, or anyone who didn’t learn their lesson first time around, should pop over to our memetor’s site, The Prop, and all will be revealed. Shall we proceed?

First we have a mega tuberous begonia, spilling over the off-the-back-of-a-lorry whisky barrel. Each and every year I become more enamoured of begonias in all their outrageous and less so forms. The Hanging Gardens of South Wales, a la Professor Gadget, have certainly helped.

The sweet peas are still doing well, they were late starters so had some catching up to do. I’ve stopped picking them and am hoping they will set seed for next year. Not sure they have got the memo.

To illustrate my more subtle side, Begonia grandis ‘Claret Jug’ is doing splendidly in the desert regions beneath the ornamental pear. Dry and shady, bring it on!

I spotted this plectranthus in Cowbridge Physic Garden plant sales. There was no debate, it was coming home with me. Cuttings have been taken. It took me as long to spell “physic” as it did to write this post.

It is October and this is only the second bloom on this particular dahlia. Strange things are afoot this year, I appear to be suffering from an extreme case of dahlia amnesia, either that or someone is playing a not so amusing trick on me. There is no label and I’ve not a clue as to what it might be. Who cares? All are welcome. It is one of two plants that didn’t make it into the garden and subsequently were more stressed by the drought. The other hasn’t flowered at all. We must be glad for small mercies. Next year we will be millionaires.

If you have a new greenhouse, you need some pellies to go in it. It is the law. This little darling is Pelargonium reneforme. I am quite smitten. There may be others I am yet to confess.

That is your lot, my friends. Hope the world is treating you well. Keep the horti faith.

28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Horizontal

  1. This red begonia is very pretty but my gaze was fixed directly on the container: this 1/2 barrel. I love that !
    The other begonia (Begonia grandis “Claret Jug”) is very original, I had never seen one with flowers like that.

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  2. ‘Claret Jug’ is one I don’t have among my half dozen grandis forms. I never wanted so many but how else do you work out which is the best form other than growing them all. Is the identity of the Plectranthus a secret? I assume it’s meant to be yellow leaved which I didn’t know was a thing, but do now. Your secret’s safe with me.

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    1. Ha ha, it just said plectranthus on the label and it has always looked like that, was wondering zuluensis-ish? It has been in the ground for a few weeks so should have got over any nutritional blips. I can send you some Claret Jug. It does seed quite nicely. It has done really well this year I’m sure I can break a piece off, which sounds harsh but you know what I mean.


      1. I can offer you bulbils of ‘Torsa’ in exchange, or grandis ‘Sapporo’, or grandis ‘Heron’s Pirouette’ or grandis sinensis BWJ8011A, which is shaping up to be relatively distinctive.

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  3. Oh, for a moment, I thought this would be a rant about the silliness of some of what passes for ‘vertical gardening’. But of course, I should know better than to expect such rants here.

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