I dislike Cotoneaster horizontalis, I have mentioned this often, to a flurry of horror: “but it is so wildlife friendly!” and “How I love to watch the bees dance upon its myriad virginal blooms in spring!”. Although I acknowledge these facts are true, I do not falter from the path. I still dislike Cotoneaster horizontalis. It is my kill command. Use it at your peril. There is one heinous characteristic that cancels out all of the, admittedly excellent, traits. All I have to say is “supermarket car parks” and the vociferous defenders give a nod of understanding. I also dislike baked beans. This is also often met with similar disbelief. I will save that argument for another day. Too much dislike is not a good thing.

This is a cotoneaster, I am not sure which make and model. It is not dusty or depressing, pruned to jagged oblivion. It is joyful and uplifting. It is also not Cotoneaster horizontalis. I concede that not all cotoneasters are the same. Nothing else.

28 thoughts on “Dislike

  1. Methinks you might usefully look up C. franchetii. Your specimen does look like it was once trained up a wall or fence which may, more recently, have been relocated a small distance away.

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  2. I dislike it for its ability to self-seed in areas where it is most unwelcome. I have in mind a small, now disused, limestone quarry which has a richness of orchid species and is home to a very uncommon variety of Whitebeam, where cotoneaster has begun to invade.

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  3. Agree with the comment about C. Horizontal freely self-seeding. We have a neighbour with one and the birds are forever bringing seeds into our garden where they germinate with gay abandon every year. My favourite cotoneaster is hybrida pendula – looks spectacular both in flower and with berries in the autumn.

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