Six on Saturday – Earth Stood Hard as Iron

One of the things I have wistfully dreamt of, along with having slim ankles and a puppy named Marvin, is a picture-book frosty winter garden. In this dream, in which I have adequately protected my tender plants, the low sun is shining poetically upon rimy seed heads whilst goldfinches feast gratefully on teasel and thistle. On the whole, this is not a common scenario in the west of our country. Sog and slowly disintegrating mush is more the look we go for. Today, however, my wish has come true. Well one of them anyway. It is a proper, fully paid up member of Club Frosty, there even is a light dusting of snow. If you wish to see more gardens, which may or may not be chilly like mine, then pop over to our Meme-Master Jim and share their worlds. Too cold for hanging about, let’s get on. I warn you, there will be little variation on the theme.

Throughout the heatwave we made sure there were plenty of water sources for the birds. One, an old baking tin, we called The Lido as it was where the sparrows like to bathe. This morning, after an initial foray into the garden to scatter some apples for the blackbirds, I told OH that all water was frozen apart from the avian swimming pool. As I was making a cuppa in the kitchen he shouted “a sparrow has just walked upon the water”. Nil point for observation. Some anger management ice-breaking ensued. Here are some ice-bound water hyacinth which are undoubtedly doomed. Enjoy then while you can.

The multi-headed sunflowers did well this year and my idealistic, unrealistic, aims were for plump heads of seed for the winter foragers. Truth: small, tiny seeds. Disappointing. Next year I will undoubtedly be thinking the same.

This Salvia leucantha should not be here. It should be wrapped and cosy. Would someone please call the Salvia Protection League. The plan was to bring it into the greenhouse but I got diverted and then it was too late. Please forgive me. I have cuttings. Harsh but true.

I’m not in the slightest bit worried about the pansies. They might be bowed at the moment but I have confidence they will pop right back up.

How did these sempervivum miss the scan? Feeling a little bit guilty but guessing that excess rain will be more of a demise than cold. Fingers crossed.

Lastly we have Correa backhousiana, new to the garden, but aren’t we all. I have grown this before, at Cliffe, and am happy to have it around again. It has spent the summer stifled by a Salvia curviflora and now has emerged to find winter. Hope it isn’t too unhappy.

There you have it: six. on. saturday. Stay warm/cool whatever applies. ‘Til next time.

27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Earth Stood Hard as Iron

  1. That’s quite a frost Gill, but it does make for pretty photos. Pansies are the most amazing flowers when it comes to frost, they always amaze me the way the pop back up when the day gets warmer. I lost one of my correas because of wet roots even though it was in a huge pot. I don’t think they mind frost.

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  2. Just don’t tell the Salvia Protection League where I live. It’s Salvia carnage out there. S. leucantha does rather try my patience, November is not a good time to start flowering if you’re going to die in the first frost. And S. corrugata; same for you.

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  3. I’m afraid this week your blog has finally shattered my illusion of us being siblings on account of stupendous ‘wordsmithing’. Also I have slim ankles! Sorry about your Salvia carnage it was looking so very good.

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  4. I actually like frost rimed flowers and leaves, but I know how frozen the fingers get taking such photos. As for the semps, I think it is wet that kills them rather than cold. I do have some indoors and some outdoors, sheltering under a bench with a ‘lid’ on! I have come to the conclusion that any plant that wants to live in my garden has to be tough. Be interesting to see what remains come the spring!

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  5. Beautiful! I didn’t have time to take photos this morning, to busy de-icing the car and salting the drive as I had things to do. Let’s see what Monday brings. 9.30 weather permitting?

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  6. You have done so much in such a short amount of time, give it a bit more time and you will get there.
    As for slim ankles Noooooo!! We called them Wednesday Ankles when I was a radiographer as in ‘When’s day gonna break!!’ 😊

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