Is Someone Trying to Tell Me Something?

This year has been a bit of a soap opera. I know I am not alone in thinking this. There have been cliffhangers, glimpses of good times, twists in the plot and an epiphany. And that was just last week. All we are lacking is some suitably evocative theme music. The storyline goes something like this:

On the way home from shopping our leading man breaks down at the roundabout exiting Sainsburys supermarket. This is a busy road and the other car drivers are lacking any christmas cheer or compassion. He calls the leading woman. She walks across the frozen desolate moor to offer support and a mobile phone app. Mike from Green Flag turns up and loads the car onto his trailer and off to the garage. The self-same garage where the car was towed just a few weeks ago and had a new clutch fitted at great expense. Now it seems the gearbox is broken. The prognosis is gloomy. The car is emptied of shopping and tools and, forlorn, they trudge home. Work will have to be cancelled.

Cut to leading woman cooking tea. Several hours have passed. She notices a missed call from the garage. Tentatively she calls back. Apparently all is not lost. The gearbox cable was loose and they have fixed it free of charge. It can be picked up in the morning. Jubilation. Work is reinstated. Night falls.

The next morning all is frosty. Leading woman goes to pick up car. It is ready to be picked up and they have even pumped up the flat tyre. She drives very slowly over the uneven and frozen forecourt and onto the clear road. Entering the estate where she lives, as yet adopted by the local council, she realises that the road is becoming increasingly Narnia-esque. The steep hill to home is an ice rink, two curse worthy sideways skids later and she pulls up safely outside the house. She vows not to do that again. But what about work next week? Night falls.

Day dawns. The leading woman draws the curtain and is aghast to see snow! She thinks “someone is trying to tell me something”.

14 thoughts on “Is Someone Trying to Tell Me Something?

  1. Is this an attempt to blame Leading Man for the latest mobility issue, just cos you weren’t in the heavenly chariot when the horses got loose? So it must be something he did wrong?

    I was expecting a different ending, like you drew the curtains and waved to the neighbour looking at you as you suddenly realised you weren’t wearing your nightie! We’ve only had a light scattering of snow; wait until the next three-footer! One’s due soon. 😭

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  2. So the car did not turn back into a Pumpkin, and you can take off your glass slippers, which to most look like wellies, and stay snug inside besides your hearth. Gardens would be too icy to work on in any case, or maybe your clients have large heated greenhouses that beckon you?

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  3. Cars and weather, cars and weather, cars and weather….. After last year’s disaster in the greenhouse I’ve been watching the temperature like a hawk. I’ve just been out and it’s minus 7.3 C outside, plus 4.9 inside so I’ve got that right at last 😊

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