Six on Saturday – Cool

Deluge, freeze, deluge, freeze, deluge, freeze: what an interesting winter we are having. For the last couple of weeks it has been a mainly monochrome affair, dank and dreary, but the recent frosts have been accompanied by blue skies. Unfortunately, the sun barely touches down in our garden at the moment, just a tantalising glance which will lengthen slowly. Looking up is the best solution to the gloom. Pop over to our Memester Jim’s website to see what the rest of the SoS gang are up to, you won’t be disappointed.

First we have rimy cyclamen leaves; same old, same old. To be honest, I’m over the pretty frost now. Unfortunately, I have no say on the weather, so I am going to have to be a brave little soldier.

Has anyone seen the film Rumblefish? It is all in black and white except for the titular fish which are in full colour. This bow-headed viola reminded me of the Siamese Fighting Fish that add a little zing in an otherwise dull world.

Our dragon, blessed by the feeding birds, is guarding the pots of snowdrop, just about to spread their glorious petals. Maybe by next week.

In March I am attending a photography day course. The title is Abstract Photography. I do not know what to expect, but this picture of fleece and greenhouse might well fit the bill.

It is nearing the time when I must seriously think about cutting back and tidying the mush that makes up most of the garden. This Verbena bonariensis flower head, or is it now a seed head?, has neither succumbed to wet or cold. It can stay a while longer.

Finally, a little bit of hope on the horizon. Our kernal-grown peach tree, the one that tempted us with a twin fruitlet last year only to cruelly break out hearts, is forming some lovely plump buds. Cinnamon stems, cerulean sky, ivory buds, I’d call that technicolour.

That is your lot. Stay warm, wet, dry, whichever is appropriate. But always stay cool.

22 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Cool

  1. The Welsh people know that an adult dragon will have developed its thick coat of impenetrable scales. Cleaning is simple: a few breaths and the dirt falls to ground as ashes. Little ones, though, don’t have this coat and the fires will reault in serious injury. So the mother will lovingly lick them clean, for cleanliness is next to godliness.

    In this case, you are in loco parentis. Please do your duty.

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  2. At first I thought the fleece was some kind of massive spiders’ nests web thing like the ones I used to see in NZ when I was a child. Never mind, abstract art will do just as well. Never fear, Gill, as sure as we are going to wind down, you will wind up and spring will arrive before you know it. 😊


  3. If you’re over frost, I imagine you’re even more over deluges. An occasional respite is what keeps us going. I nearly included a semi-abstract grass picture in my six, created by failing to notice the lens had misted up. I do a lot of abstract photography, nearly always unintentional.

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  4. I laughed out loud at John K’s response, but it also needed your witty words to bring them forth. I thought for a moment you had sacrificed your silken wedding dress for the sake of protecting your plants!

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      1. You are such a great writer, I think you could think of writing a play, and with your knowledge of plants and gardens and gardeners have the ideal topic. When you need an ‘agent’ we must find you the right one!

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  5. I’m just relieved to have a respite from the deluges! Even if that meant a dusting of snow mid-week. Most unusual for this part west. I finally pulled out / cut back my verbena having left the seeds for the Goldfinch. I’m sure/hope there will be seedlings all over the place. I look forward to reading about the abstract photo course. It’s how I edit my ‘not so great’ photos!

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  6. Well, I suppose that it really is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. We have been too preoccupied with the rain to consider that it can get cool also. I got pictures of frost here last year, just to prove that we can get a bit of it also. It is not like yours sometimes gets there though.

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  7. Frost for several nights in a row here and down to -4 degrees again last night (I’ve already been out to check my greenhouse), our driveway is in the shade of a hedge and hasn’t thawed in days. We can’t see any snowdrops in our hedges and we usually have loads. But the winter sunshine has been beautiful 💕

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