Six on Saturday – Mizzle

Today’s SoS photos are not what I would like them to be. Firstly, I was going to show you the results of my gardening efforts. Secondly, all shots were to be in focus. What demon thwarted my good intentions, who was my nemesis? Mizzle, that’s what. The grand scheme was to spend the morning potting up and planting out a few new purchases and them show them off with a dramatic waft of my hand. The reality is that I dashed out into the gloom, swiftly snapped some under par pictures and then dashed back in again. I’m going soft in my middle age. Still, I’ve showed up to the party and, although not dressed in my finest attire, I’m determined to make the best of it. Gentleman Jim over at Garden Ruminations will, I’m sure, have been less of a wimp than I, along with the other SoSers that frequent his site on a Saturday. Excuses over with, let us proceed.

First, an unidentified cyclamen in a pot. There seem to be an increasing amount of plants in the garden that are “unidentified”. Is this kicking against the machine, an accelerated sense of apathy or the fact they were unnamed when they first arrived? To be honest, I am not sure.

A trip out to the garden centre with a certain Professor resulted in me buying two camellia and an azalea all for Β£10. They are unnamed. Here we go again. One of today’s jobs was to pot them up. Use your imagination.

I’ve always wanted to grow Eranthis hyemalis, winter aconites. I found a posh pot in a posh supermarket and was unable to resist such poshdom. They are soon to be planted under the pear tree. It is on the list.

This little viola took things into its own hands and sowed itself into the pot of Camellia ‘Lady Campbell’. Her Ladyship seems reluctant to flower this year; it is as well someone is making an effort.

Next we have a euphorbia seedling donated by The Prof, well I’m pretty sure he donated it. As you can see, a blurry little friend is nestled in the dusky foliage, attempting to blend in. Back to camouflage school for you, young fella! I’m afraid he will be easy pickings for our resident robin.

Just the other day I was singing the praises of Photinia ‘Pink Marbles’ to the marvellous Mrs Bun. All summer it was swamped by salvia and dahlia alike. Is it bothered? Not in the slightest. It deserves more love and a better position. The list is getting longer.

All done for another week. The beginning is in sight. ‘Til next time, keep the faith.

30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Mizzle

  1. Slight correction, dear lady (having a Humphrey moment here). The camellias were named “Red” and “White”, IIRC. The Azalea may be a Welsh variety called “Dirgel”.


  2. It’s a good time for winter aconites and I don’t have any! (I see a lot of posts right now on Twitter Instagram, and the flower is pretty cute ). I’m looking forward to seeing the camellia/azalea flowers.

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  3. They all look in perfect focus to me and why am I never in the right place at the right time to buy two camellias and an azalea for £10.00? What a bargain 😊

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  4. I was going to suggest you ask Jim to help with names, and either you have over placed confidence in your Robin or you did squish that caterpillar, I know I would have taken no chances as the purple is just perfect at present.

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  5. The aconite is beautiful, why don’t they like my garden, I can’t get them to come back a second year? Your photinia is beautiful and so is they little cyclamen.


  6. I once had half a kitchen painted in something called ‘Muzzle’. Very classy, posh paint. I appreciate your womanful efforts to at least get into the garden and take some photographs. Not me this week. Just how many photographs of the same six plants can people tolerate?

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  7. Lovely to see life appearing despite the cold and wet thrown at the gardens. I have seven aconites in my garden though I did actually plant 25 in the green about 5 years ago! And Mizzle is a F&B paint in a soft grey-green colour apparently the colour of West Country evening skies when there is a mix of both mist and drizzle. I considered it for one of my rooms, but went for a dark green instead,

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  8. Hey, don’t you think that #1, #4 and #5 are prettier in such weather? ‘Pink Marbles’ photinia looks interesting. I am sort of unimpressed with the old photinia here, and never liked them anyway. I actually needed to root and install two to fill a gap in a hedge.

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