Snow Business

After a balmy day at The Prof’s yesterday, scoffing at the Met Office weather warning, I awoke to quite a different morning. Snow! And, although not serious enough to send in the St Bernards, it was severe enough to halt any outdoor adventures for the day and for masoor dhal to be made. I’m not sure these things go together in other peoples’ worlds, but they do in mine. Inclement weather equals cooking curry. Sometimes bread but mainly curry.

I did venture into the garden to take a couple of pictures and check on the greenhouse. However old I get, and I am getting on a bit, I am always charmed by a gleaming, fresh snowfall. It is the “after ” bit that does not impress me; the slush, the sodden earth, the crumpled plants that had stuck their head above the parapet in a bid for spring and have been found to be a little premature. As it is March, I don’t think we can judge this enthusiasm too harshly.

There are, however, those who are in the right place at the right time. The Tete a Tete’s are nonchalant and the violas not bothered in the slightest, but I was particularly impressed by the oblivious crocus flowers.

15 thoughts on “Snow Business

  1. Perhaps it’s a case that the weather to the west of you is still balmy but you have willed a chill in the atmosphere around you cos you wanted a sleep-in, dreaming of an abundance of Halloumi?

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