Six on Saturday – It is what it is

Are we there yet? It seems not quite. It has turned cold again, with threat of frosts and attendant late afternoon greenhouse swaddling. Of course this is how it should be. It is February and even the most season-swindling of us all must admit that, any way you look at it, it is still winter. I hold my hands up, I am as guilty as the worst of wishing my days away, dreaming of spring. Winter can be good too (I tell myself). It can (I tell myself, again). I cannot promise wall to wall winter on cat herder Jim’s site, which is where the other SoSers hang out, some are just contemplating autumn, but I can assure you there will be garden joy. Shall we make merry?

We have been very lucky to have had two visits from Torrington Tina in as many months. This time she brought another present and the adorable Milly dog with her, a gift in herself. The “It is what it is” sign has not found its final place in the garden yet, it may move around forever, however the mood takes me. I love it. Oh, and there are also a few seasonal things doing their seasonal thing.

Next we have part of my Dust to Dust art installation. This is the remains of a frost shattered, elephant pot foot, slowly being laminated by the weather and engulfed by Achillea ‘Cerise Queen’. This achillea is definitely an empire building monarch, a little culling will be in order before the new season gets going. She will have to learn to play nicely.

I am not a galanthophile, neither am I a galanthophobe. I am, however, a covetous kinda gal and when I saw everyones’ recent snowdrop acquisitions I wanted a piece of the action. On a recent rest stop, breaking up a long journey Cornwall bound, which coincidently happened to be at a garden centre, I picked up Galanthus elwesii ‘Beluga’. I am very fond of whales.

Unless you are here under the misapprehension that this is an abseiling site, I am presuming that most of you are gardeners of some persuasion. This being the case, I am quite sure you will understand the concept of wondering if you actually did plant the daffodils (admittedly rather late) and appreciate the moment that the compost begins to crack open and reignite the faith that indeed something lurks beneath.

The violas have done rather well this year, they haven’t had their usual flowering hiatus, which lasts from a week after planting until a week before the bedding needs to go in. This year I poked a mixed bag of crocus amongst them. The result, although a little ragged, has made me very happy.

Finally, another new member of the clan. This is Rhododendron ‘Graziella’, spotted on a leg-stretching wander around the above mentioned garden centre. I was particularly attracted to the foliage and flower buds and when a gallant young (at heart) gentleman offered to buy it for me, well, it would have been rude to decline.

That is your lot for this week. Stay well and be happy, ’til next time.

20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – It is what it is

  1. This rhodo Graziella has very nice foliage: it’s quite elegant I must say. I googled to see and I was able to discover the very pretty flowers it should have.
    I do like the “Tt is what it is” sign and I’m sure the chosen place will be the right one. Yes, the cold seems to come back from the NE unfortunately and here some prunus are already in bloom …

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  2. That sign, just like life itself, can be moved around ad finitum. Up down left right. It is what it is.
    Great to have some gallantry to above said life. Enjoy the beautiful foliage of that Graziela.


    1. I was thinking the same thing! I have not wandered across the street to Jungs – was going to buy a bag of sand the other day for the ice, but they were closed due to said ice storm. I think I deserve a new plant and maybe some seeds…

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  3. You’ve already got moss growing in your new garden on the bricks, how lovely. Your violas are lovely and bright. I like that leg stretching ruse, I shall have to research the appropriate stop for the enxt long journey, it often is as we stop off at NT Properties.

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  4. “It is what it is” sign is fabulous. What a wonderful friend. I am more interested in this garden centre stopover you have found – tell all. And the rhodie is pretty though I am not a rhodie fan. I am lusting after an azalea luteum though to replace my winter honeysuckle (though saying that it has flowered better than ever this year). I have a broken lion pot foot which I can’t bring myself to throw away. And what are those very pale irises?

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  5. “The violas have done rather well this year, they haven’t had their usual flowering hiatus, which lasts from a week after planting until a week before the bedding needs to go in.” So true – and you say it so well.
    The snowdrop disease is spreading through the sixers at quite a rate it seems. I like the one you’ve chosen very much, though Belluga = caviar to my mind.

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