Six on Saturday – After the Storm

To be honest, I’m surprised anything is still standing in the garden after Wednesday’s storm. The storm was named Noa, which seems appropriate as the amount of rain that accompanied the strong winds was biblical. All things do pass and although it at times felt like the downpours would never end, today we are back to blue skies and a chilly morning. Later I will be out surveying the damage and whispering kind words to the traumatised. I am sure I am not the only SoSer lamenting the harsh weather, pop over to Jim’s and you can find out for yourselves. Shall we shake a leg?

First Tulipa ‘Tabledance’ which has managed to keep its head, against all odds. It doesn’t look like it should look, but I am guessing that its flouncy time will come soon enough. At the moment I am appreciating its demure self. Planted with Queen of the Night, I am hoping they will be a match made in prima donna heaven.

This is not what was on the label. I am quite happy about that.

These Narcissus ‘Mount Hood’ were planted rather late, but I am pleased to report that they also have withstood the battering, with only a little crinkling around the edges. Last week I watched as a bumblebee stumbled up into the corona, moments later emerging a happier chappie.

One lone, spectacularly tall, Anemone Mistral Fuchsia has emerged from a pot of pansies. Ever the drama queen.

The dahlias are all potted up and the majority are making a sterling effort. Peggy is hanging about, as is the Dahlia imperialis. Small Single Orange, the one that had rolled under the bottom shelf of the plastic greenhouse and wasn’t found until February, is also being a little slovenly. I think we can forgive him that.

This photo of Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Cherry Ingram’, (no it’s not new, I’ve had it in my wardrobe for ages) reminds me of my abstract photography course. It was cancelled at the last minute. Apparently not enough people signed up for it. I would have thought just the one would have been sufficient. Still, as you can see, I’m still inadvertently producing the goods.

All done, I hope spring is springing for you or your autumn is golden. See you next time.

29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – After the Storm

  1. I had a moan about the weather this week too, and although it’s not raining this morning it is still all dank out there. Yuck. Your lovely tulip seems to be fine despite what nature has thrown at it and I would happily find a place for some of those here. The combination with Queen of the Night sounds like it will work beautifully.

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  2. Yes. I have some battered tulips after the storm. And I join with HB in another moan about gloomy weather but it’s good to see more and more things making a go of it. No signs from my dahlias yet, but encouraging to see yours and what a beautiful anemone!

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  3. Noa left it’s trail here too. The apple blossom is down and had been in around the house on my shows. I’m being warned to sort it out!
    Omphalodes is a beauty. You kept the best till last.

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  4. Delighted to see Cherry Ingram looking so fresh and lovely, and carrying on the ‘wardrobe’ theme, mine had gone musty and bedraggled as he was stuffed at the back of the cupboard overshadowed by too many ‘fashionable’ items, so I decided to move him to somewhere better, I didn’t see any moths fly out, so I am hopeful that he will feel that he is no longer a Charity Shop bottom of the pile plant, and will revive and soon be fresh enough to join the catwalk. Yes the storm is behind us now, enjoy the better weather Sis. x

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  5. I found myself oohing and aahing over the tulips, hellebore, narcissus and anemone and when I got to the Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Cherry Ingram’ I was hmmming. I should have one of those lurking somewhere – I must go in search of it. I do hope that’s the last of the storms for a while.

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  6. Oh, I think my little garden’s been so lucky this week. I’ve heard so many references recently to Storm Noa – but thankfully Noa mostly passed us by with only a night of heavy rain. I hope there wasn’t too much damage to your plants.

    I’m sure your Tulipa ‘Tabledance’ is going to look fabulous with Queen of the Night. I’m looking forward to seeing the combo. That’s a very pretty wrong-labelled hellebore!

    Your dahlias are showing good growth. I haven’t started potting mine up yet, but I did check them last week, and I’ve lost 6 tubers. I need to get a move on if I want cuttings.

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  7. I am sorry to have missed Saturday. I was driving back from Washington, and actually drove past Portland with Mount Hood in the background. It was still rather dark in the very early morning though.

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