An Extra

In the beginning I used to blog every day. It is hard for me to fathom quite how I managed this herculean task. Looking through those early On the Edge years, I note I was often concise and to the point. What happened to that woman? Gradually, posts have petered out to the point that Six on Saturday is at best a bi-monthly event. It is not that I have lost my love for either life or writing, it is purely and simply a habit that has been broken. To be honest I have many, less savoury, habits that would have been better to forego. Inappropriate yodeling, for instance, or cooking too much spaghetti and, of course, there is the little plant buying problem. Faults aside, there is a reason for this extra post. In preparing for tomorrow’s Six on Saturday I found myself to have seven photos, none of which I was willing to sacrifice. “Gillypoos” I said to myself “Why not write a blog, purely and simply for the one picture too many”. “Great idea, you are genius” I replied. So here it is. A poppy, Papaver orientale ‘Brilliance’ looking rather wonderful in the morning sunshine. See, that wasn’t too difficult was it?! See you tomorrow.

25 thoughts on “An Extra

  1. Does your theme have a featured image feature? If so, add a featured image, mention it, en passent. Then start your six. With six other photos, of course (in case you hadn’t realised that).

    Or simply do what you always do and ignore the rules, as you often do with your clients’ wishes. 😎

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  2. You could kick off another meme, One More on Wednesday, or Too many Monday perhaps. I miss you daily blogs, and was always impressed that you found something to say every day, but then again, six on Saturday plus an extra could so easily have been one a day.

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  3. Ok, where is the photo …. !! ?

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