Six on Saturday – Optimism

Is May my favourite month? Perhaps. Ask me again in June. Whatever I might say in the future, May is certainly up there with the best. It is a time when all things seem possible. Bubbles have yet to be burst. True, we have a few aphid and the nights could be a bit warmer, the tree dahlia hasn’t woken up and I fear it is waiting for a kiss from handsome prince that doesn’t frequent these parts, keeping up with the potting on and pricking out is a challenge and now there is watering too. However, the sums are adding up on the side of the good guys, for the moment anyway. Today, my SoSers, I am a positive gardener and proud to shout it out loud! Hopefully the rest of you are feeling the same, I am sure Our Jim will be skipping about full of the joys. Shall we boogie on down?

First we have Anemone blanda, the wood anemone, well one of those that purport to be called that. Last spring I cut a narrow channel between the lawn and the back patio and planted gazania. It was easy to step over and a blast of colour, which is always welcome in Plastic Fantastic Land. These summer beauties are long demised. Some time ago, I know not when except it was a few months back, as a spring replacement I planted some anemone corms. I watched and waited and was ever disappointed. Then, one day, bingo!

Scilla peruviana ‘Alba” slipped into my virtual basket when I was shopping at Avon Bulbs. This photo doesn’t show it as its best, here it looks a little dowdy. I assure you, it is anything but. One of my clients has a magnificent violet clump of these scilla, I am going to insist on her dividing it this year and donated just a little bit to her best gardener.

Aquilegia have hitchhiked their way into the new garden. I am quite happy about that. This one, well ensconced in the pot of a dark leaved Japanese Maple, is proving that self seeding is the perfect way to travel the world.

Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ reminds me of Button Moon and my dear friends who employed me to eat wagon wheels and garden the grounds of their fabulous hotel. The flower is a beauty, as they were. Happy days.

The candelabra primula have done very well this year. They were bought as plugs last year and have thrived through no effort of mine and much tending of the universe. This one is called White; it needs to contact its publicist.

Finally, in our little patch we have set aside some wild areas, around the greenhouse, around the washing line. I set OH the task of identifying this golden gem. He says it might be Hawksbeard. I am quite happy with that conclusion.

That is your six, on a Saturday. I have fulfilled my brief, this week at least. Have fun, keep the faith and don’t forget to dance whenever possible.

33 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Optimism

  1. Gorgeous selection of flowers in your blog post today. I’d be hard-pressed to pick just one favourite, so I’ll settle instead for the fabulous Geum and the pretty Aquilegia. Oh, and the pretty wood anemone has to be in there too. Along with the others.
    Have a lovely weekend!

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  2. Lovely blue wood anemone ans the Geum is pretty. I tried to grow some from seed this year, but they would have it. However, I have a self-seeding one in the garden that I once thought was a weed.

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  3. Lovely flowers. I love the aquilegia – I love the way they just appear and do their thing. And every garden needs Totally Tangerine, although I have a Scarlet Tempest which has flowered all winter off and on and is now covered in blooms.

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  4. Our aquilegias are similar colours, and I do like them shading pink to purple. My anemone blanda are just yellowing leaves now, so well done for planting them and getting flowers almost immediately. The geum is a bit bright for me, perhaps there is a paler version somewhere that would suit me better.If I asked my OH to identify a plant/flower the response would be “it’s a yellow one”!!

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  5. Aquilegia and geum seem to be the flavors of the week, . . . or perhaps they are mocking me because I can not grow them well. I should be satisfied with the native Aquilegia. I have not tried Anemone blanda yet, but will likely do so in the future. I want both blue and white, in two separate gardens. I hope that it naturalizes.

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    1. I like the sound of blue and white gardens, they look so wonderful when they form a large carpet. Unfortunately that is not going to happen here, my garden is only the size of a large carpet and other things have to fit in too!

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      1. The blue garden and the white garden were unintentional. A wedding planner requested that we install only white flowers at the chapel. Of course, since white is my favorite color, I had no problem with that. The white garden in my garden. The blue garden is next door. It became the blue garden because a family who sponsored its renovation as a memorial garden requested an abundance of blue bloom. It includes other colors as well, but all new additions bloom blue.

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  6. Tangerine is be one of my colours, and I do love the Geum. I’ve had it for two years and it has let me down. I think it would look well en masse, but one plant in a pot did not cut the mustard. I ended up with lots of greenery but only a few flowers.
    I’m off to dance a while. Thanks for the nudge.

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      1. Ohhh, yes, a wonderful bouquet. There were more primulas on Silent Sunday today, I am warming to them. What I have been seeing for years are the unnaturally colored ones potted in the grocery store. I don’t think I have ever lived far enough north to see the garden types.


  7. The wood anemone is so sweet. It’s getting warm here and I think I’m drawn to the cooler colours just now! (Not that warm, I’m just a bit of a wimp). I love the mental image of you border fork in one hand and wagon wheel in the other.

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  8. I hesitate to disagree with your beloved, but could your pretty weed be Rough Hawkbit? At least that’s what I thought it was, Hawksbeard is somewhat weedier? Quickly moving on. Love the Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’, I have resisted that one so far (too common), but there is no denying its attraction. And May is my favourite month (after April, though April let me down badly this year). So many flowers popping up to say hello. What more can a gardener want in life?

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