Six on Saturday – Rain or Shine

Rain, shine, rain, shine, more raining, more shining. Just make your mind up, is all I can say. April is over, we need a little more consistency and a lot more warmth. It has been a mixed week but, adding up the pluses and the minuses and the indifferent, a good week. If you want to see what the other SoSers have been up to, pop over to The SoS Hub and all will be revealed. Come on, let’s get going, there are eggs to be boiled.

First, the wonderful Dodecatheon meadia putting on the best display ever. The best for me, not in the world, I am not expecting a Guinness Book of Records representative with a clipboard any time soon.

Next Matteuccia struthiopteris, a gift from Welsh Ann last year. Another, perhaps unintentional, gift that hitched a ride was Inula hookeri. Both are lovely, one perhaps a little bit more of thug than the other. I’m not naming names, you know who you are.

Ever since I saw a bank of Uvalaria grandiflora at Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset I have wanted a little of the action. And here it is. Little, but definitely some action.

Every year I like to buy at least one inappropriate plant for my present circumstances. Last year’s contender was Enkianthus campanulatus. No regrets.

In the autumn I duly dug up my many (relatively speaking) dahlia and stored them in the greenhouse, dusting with cinnamon to combat rot, snuggly packed into crates with crumpled newspaper, checking them on a regular basis. I was especially anxious to get them out of the ground as the soil here is heavy and wet. The only one I didn’t lift was a large dark leaved, grown from seed, monster. Too big for cossetting. It seems it didn’t need it.

Finally, cuddling up against the weather, Tulipa ‘Copper Image’ and T. ‘Negritta Double’ doing what I thought they might do when I planted them. Now that’s a first!

All done, another six, still raining, have fun.

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Rain or Shine

  1. ‘struthiopteris’ is such an illustrative word. I may apply it to my uphill cycling!
    Cinammon for root protection… That’s also new information for me.
    Did you enjoy the boiled eggs? Probably well forgotten at this stage.

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    1. I haven’t had the eggs yet, OH has gone out to get the paper and is on breakfast duty when he comes back. First year for cinnamon for me, it seemed to work, I had very little rot. It is a wonderful word. I have just realised that I have replied backwards. Figures!


    2. I wonder might you investigate & confirm back to me please? What is the WordPress theme that you use? It’s the one that I want…
      In any case, do not use valuable gardening hours to keep me happy. 😜


  2. What a gorgeous selection of plants. I like the Dodecatheon and the Uvularia I think I’ve only read about in Gertude Jekyll’s books and not seen in real life. I would never have thought a Dahlia left in heavy ground last Winter would have made it through. It’s obviously a toughie. But you saved the best till last.


  3. If I were to eat cinnamon buns would it form a similar preservative ie beauty treatment, far better than being left in the cold! I shan’t hear any denials, my next bake will be cinnamon buns. What beautiful tulips!

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  4. Oh my! Tulips look like peonies! (. . . not that I have experience with either.) We tried Enkianthus of some sort on the farm. It was likely Enkianthus campanulatus. It performed well, but was discontinued because it was unpopular. No one knew what it was.

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