Six on Saturday – On Our Way

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. That is how I feel about the garden, my garden, other gardens, any garden, at the moment. There are so many things that I can see that are hard to share quite yet, “look, this naked branch has an inkling of green”, “quick! A tiny undulation in the soil suggests that a shoot will soon appear” or “finally, the glimmer of a swelling bud”. These suggestions of action happen each and every year and every year the extent of this thrill comes as a surprise. This is what makes it all so wonderful. Please feel free to push me into a deep hole and fill it with unrotted cow manure if this joy ever evades me. Thanks to Jim for being the fulcrum of our Six on Saturday wheel. Shall we proceed?

We are having a little competition in our house. The words have not been spoken, but the intent is clear. Every year OH grows spuds in a trug in a manner that annoys me. I say nothing. This year he has his trugfest with just one earthing up (wrong) and I am growing my own potatoes in compost bags that I roll up and fill as the tatties grow (correct). The same amount of seed potatoes, planted at approximately the same time. We shall see.

Tulipa sylvestris is lovely in all kinds of ways. Just when you couldn’t think that they couldn’t get any better, some sparkling raindrops add a little bling.

Much too much, much too soon. No need to flower just yet, you can wait a little longer. Rodgersia ‘Heavenly Gill’ is getting a little previous.

Impatiens omeiana is as happy as Larry, perhaps a little too content, as it is beginning to encroach on its neighbours. A little dig and share, I think.

Onoclea sensibilis Red Form struggled in the heat last year, I am very happy to see it emerging as I was a little worried it had voted with its feet. On reflection, I think it might do better closer to the pond, a spring shuffle.

Finally, Tulipa ‘Queen of the Night’, magnificently jewelled, befitting her royalty.

That is your lot. Keep the faith, my friends.

46 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – On Our Way

  1. Very nice droplets on the tulips and the photos are very successful as usual. My impatiens omeiana is about the same stage, and this variety is my favourite. Jim gave me 2 others with red leaves or stems.
    About the rodgersia, mine aren’t yet poking the nose out ! There is really a heat on the other side of the pond.😂

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  2. That Rodgersia is somewhat impatient. Rather fitting, eh? Just like its namesake. I look forward to competition progress reports. I think I’ll root for OH. There’s a saying in gardening. “Whatever works for you, go for it and ignore the sages!”

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  3. Is there going to be a judge at the weigh in for the potatoes, will there be scales? Will there be roast beef or lamb, and apologies for any vegetarians, for those a nice fittatta? Love your opening with the feelings regards spring…magic how the smallest shoot can raise bushels of expectation.

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      1. In the matter of judging I am totalling impartial. I used to be Head of Personnel etc. etc.and am a stickler for protocol, even a position before I left on the board of directors could not impress me! I didn’t wish to join the s****ags. I will out any cheats, but the skill of the gardener, whether in care such potent liquid manures made from gathering god knows what by a full moon light, with magical stirrings will of course yield the largest of the potatoes…but then what is the criteria: no of potatoes, weight of the largest, average weight, mean weight, total weight? Perfection of three equally sized, ie similar sized potatoes? You have yet to set this, and this must be done this week!!!! and you must both agree, and have it lodged with the judge! Then comes taste…could be many first prizes awarded and everyone will end up happy.

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      2. Not into hot water for sure, and lots of fun, lots of prize cards, I shall have to think of the right overall prize, I guess a sharing one one which you can both enjoy would be best.


  4. Oh, it’s going to be fun watching this silent battle of the spuds.
    Your delicate Tulipa sylvestris with raindrops is a joy to look at, as is Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’. I love those leaves of Impatiens, they are beautiful, almost jungly-looking.

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    1. I am a little worried now I have made the competition public ……. I am very pleased with the tulips, they have done me proud. The impatiens also are doing well, I have been looking at them today, wondering about how to tame them a little. 🙂


  5. Do wheels even have fulcrums? We have a solitary tulip that has come back every year since forever and it looks identical to your queens of the night. I should perhaps purchase s few more, give her some company.

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  6. Oh the sheer joy we experience every year when new life emerges! Isn’t that why we garden? Such a treasure to hold the wonder and awe of it all. Beautiful ‘jewels’ on your tulips, indeed (although I do hope the rain will ease-up in our garden). 🙂

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  7. I did the same as you, I thought my Fuchsia Thalia had gone to its maker, but on taking it out of the pot – lo, a tiny, tiny bit of green growth. Fingers crossed.

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