An Education


It is good to learn.  When things seem to be getting increasingly mislaid in the brain cell department, it is nice to know that some new information is being entered into the computer. This small shrub in Max’s garden had me flummoxed.  Each time I passed it, I peered and poked and puzzled.  Sometimes it was on the tip of my tongue, more often it remained deep in the realms of mystery.  That was until a visit from a clever chap who revealed that it is Vaccinium cylindraceum, the Azores blueberry.   Now can anyone guess where it comes from?  Quite right, you at the back, it is indeed from the Azores!  Like others in the Ericaceae family it enjoys an acid soil.   Plant it in full sun to part shade and, although pretty hardy considering where it comes from, it doesn’t take kindly to exposure to harsh winds.   Later there will be oval blue/black fruit which are apparently edible but just how tasty they are is not documented.  For the sake of science I may have to try one, obviously with permission from the owners.  If they are watching.  Otherwise I will blame the blackbirds.