Six on Saturday – Peace

Another day, another Six on Saturday. For the uninitiated, take a look at The Prop’s site and you will soon be up to speed with the inner workings of the sophisticated machine that is SoS. For those of you that wish to witness a plethora of flimsily veiled, Grade A cheekiness then take a look at what Mr K is up to. I can’t believe you actually looked?! I am very disappointed. Best to sweep that under the carpet and proceed with the task at hand, all the while silently weeping.

First, we have a crest fallen rose, a victim of this summer’s ravages. It has been suggested before by your clever selves that it is ‘Peace’. I like it. Both the sentiment and the flower.

Next, the most elegant in flower but languid in habit, Fuchsia glazioviana.

Now a disappointment. Yes, another one. This is, supposedly, Agapanthus inapertus ‘Midnight Cascade’. I have been waiting for it to flower for an age or two. After my initial euphoria, I now believe it to be an imposter. Life is like that sometimes, still the dark stem is rather nice.

On to Campanula ‘Loddon Anna’. It is a relatively new arrival but already has been subjected to the trauma of OH trimming the grisselina behind. Which cost it its first flowering stem. I said nothing. Let me remind you; peace is the preferred option.

Now the glorious Gladiolus papilio ‘Ruby’. I can’t beat glorious I’m afraid.

Lastly, a Dahlia coccinea seedling, dark-leaved and sultry. A great favourite of both myself and the slugs and snails. Sometimes I am not quite so peaceful.

That is yer lot you mottley crew! ‘Til the next time. Be safe and happy, my friends.

Wonder Days

Lurking within these time-skewed days of isolation there have been moments of wonder.  The nature of these nuggets is varied, differing from household to household, human bean to human bean.  It might have been proudly presenting your first ever sourdough loaf straight from the oven to rapturous applause of one.  Perhaps it was completing the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle called Shades of Black, which had been sending you boss-eyed for the last 3 weeks.  Or maybe it was getting into the lotus position without putting a hip out.  Mine, and I can only speak for myself, it is a little muckier.  And no, we haven’t suddenly become X-rated.

There is little more distressing, for a gardener and plant obsessive, than being separated from our drug of choice.  Therefore, the arrival of a box containing some prize specimens was an event to be celebrated.  This particular box came from the wonderful Bluebell Cottage Nursery in Cheshire, which is run by Sue Beesley, former winner of BBC Gardener of the Year.  It was beautifully packaged and, snug and safe beneath the protective paper spaghetti, were my brand new morsels of delight.  These treats included plants that had been on The Lust List, including Campanula ‘Loddon Anna’; ones new to myself, such as Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Papageno’; and some old friends like Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’.  A few I will keep for myself, others I will pass onto clients.  If they can get me to let go of the pot, that is, I can have a very firm grasp when I want to.   I smiled from the second the box arrived at the front door, through the leisurely reveal (I always forget what I have ordered so the surprise adds to the thrill), to the savouring of each label, to the sitting back and considering my choices.  It made me very happy, very happy.  I am sure I heard a tut, a mutter, or even a sigh or two, coming from somewhere in the house.

It is always good to support independents, especially in these difficult times, and I am pleased to report that many nurseries are offering a mail order service.  I am further pleased to say that they have been very popular.  For more information check out The Independent Plant Nurseries Guide, although I must warn you, it is very hard to resist temptation on such a scale.  Myself, I am too scared to look.  Although a little peek wouldn’t hurt, surely …..