The Christening

Jasminum x stephanense

Of all the challenges involved in being a jobbing gardener, the fickle weather is the champion. Torrential rain had been forecast overnight, clearing later.  Last evening I contacted my morning clients and warned them it might be a wash out and we would reschedule.   The new day began and the Met Office were quite right, indeed it was wet and miserable.  When I contacted my esteemed clients they replied that it wasn’t raining where they were and any rain would be racing through to bless the fine folk in the south east.  So off I trundled, no fair weather gardener am I!  As I drove through downpour and deluge, peering through wipers on mega-drive, I guessed they must be in some sort of micro-climate.   It appears not.  “Don’t worry”  I was told “it is scheduled to stop very soon”.  Well it didn’t.  “Ah yes, things have changed, it will have passed through by 11.00”. Nope.  “Right, there as been an adjustment, by 1.00 all be clear”.  Um …..

At lunchtime, having been loaned a complete change of clothing by the lovely lady, it dawned on me what their blogs names should be from this time forwards.  Yes, this is an On The Edge Christening.  I hereby name these wonderful people Mr and Mrs Fish.  In honour of Mr Fish’s outstanding meteorological predictions (admittedly assisted by the Met Office).

Just as I was squelching my way to Mr and Mrs Bun’s house  (where it didn’t stop raining until 2.00pm and the above Jasminum x stephanense was blooming) I spotted something with my beady eye.  A flowering eucalyptus.  Admittedly a rather wet flowering eucalyptus.