Fur and Flowers

Stachys byzantina

I work in Mr and Mrs Bun’s garden once every three weeks or an approximation of that.  This means that a lot changes between visits and at certain times of year these differences are more extreme.  Like this time of the year.  Today fragrant roses had replaced tulips, forget-me-nots were mere memories, clematis flowers like saucers were peeping out of shrubs and the lemon verbena had fully recovered from its winter sulk, sharing its sherbet scent as it was brushed past.  The new meadow was a full foot taller, dahlias were just beginning their show, hollyhocks were pushing skyward and scabious cushions supported industrious bees.  All was doing what it was supposed to be doing.  Well most of it anyway.

This Stachys byzantina has grown too large for its position and is scheduled to be moved at some time in the future.  Until then, and its inevitable cut back, we can enjoy both fur and flowers.