The Bishop's Palace

It is time to indulge in a little healthy recollection.  Let me take you back to a sweltering June day.  I was visiting a good friend in Somerset and we had taken a trip to the Bishop’s Palace in Wells.  The gardens were bountiful, seemingly not suffering from the unfamiliar sultry weather.  From the herbaceous borders to the vegetable gardens all was lush and lovely.  There were enough other visitors to make it a sociable occasion but not too many to be intrusive.  The heat ensured meandering rather than rushing, enforcing a more leisurely tempo and therefore a more enjoyable journey.  Afterwards we rested at the edge of the wide rill, that fed from the spring to the moat, and dangled our appreciative feet in the cool water.  Perfect.



A few drops of rain yesterday.  I was hopeful for a reprieve, but ultimately it was inconsequential in the scheme of things.  A pathetic effort.  No need to shelter or to wish waterproofs were at hand.

This trollius is a moisture lover.  It should be in a complete sulk.  At the moment it doesn’t seem to be complaining too much.  Those stamen are being flaunted outrageously and defiantly.  Long may it continue.