In the Beginning

Tapley Sept24 112 (2)As I was hot footing it down the high street this morning our Hawaiian-shirted butcher, cleaver in hand, gestured to me.  My initial reaction was to keep my head down (preferably to retain its relationship with my shoulders) and shift gear to hyper-drive until I noticed he was smiling, beckoning me over and into his emporium of home made sausages, homity pie and Cornish Yarg.  Mr T is a relatively new convert to the ways of the soil and has embraced this religion with zealot-like enthusiasm; in the last year he has re-landscaped his garden,  grows vegetables, flowers, herbs, the whole kerbang, many from seed.  Ignoring potential pork purchasers (ha!) he shouted “wait there” and ducked into the back room.  He emerged proudly with two pots one of which contained a Cape Gooseberry Physalis peruviana, the other the Chinese Lantern Physalis alkekengii.  An unexpected and welcome gift.

This happy event was my inspiration to put finger tip to keyboard and begin my new blog.  There are gardening folk around every corner, some of them might not even consider themselves as such, but anyone who grows and tends, from the smallest yoghurt pot to the largest estate, indoors or out, has a story to tell.  And I do love a good story.


21 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. My butcher never gives me plants. I think I shall have to have a word with him. What a lovely gift, as long as you don’ t get the two mixed up. One delicious, but isn’ t the other poisonous? I thought Chinese lanterns belonged to the Solanum family. But then so do tomatoes and potatoes.
    Anyway, great that it got you started on your new blog. And I am one of your first followers. The first of many.


  2. We don’t have a butcher as we buy virtually all of our food from supermarkets. Shame really as they sound like interesting characters!

    Great to see your new blog Gill 🙂


  3. AH!!! SO SO happy you are back with a new blog!! Loving it already! 🙂 Looking forward to your next good story! xx


      1. I’m new to `blogging`. I’ve just started following you and The Biking Gardener; I’m sure I’ll soon get the hang of it ! Especially now that my time spent gardening is starting to lessen as Autumn is looming.


      2. Ooh do you mean on your site or start one of my own? I’ve certainly got a lot to say about gardening – probably more questions than answers…starting with the huge blisters I got from angelica archangelica this summer 😦


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