DSC_0657 adjustedSo early in my new blogs existence I am using someone else’s photo.  Taken last week in Brittany by my very talented brother (one of them) he has very generously donated (it was free wasn’t it?) this magical picture for your delectation.  Escholtzia and cornflowers, linum, field poppies and achillea adorn this lush carpet. Undoubtedly crickets were chirruping, butterflies flitting and hoverflies, well hovering.  Does a more perfect meadowscape exist?  Mind you from the angle of the picture I would imagine a mysterious man sized crop circle has appeared in this field!

7 thoughts on “Carpet

  1. Hello Gil,
    I’m enjoying your new blog, and I’ve chosen to follow. I’m a professional gardener in the USA. Your brother’s photo of the wildflower meadow is extraordinary. May I use it for the desktop background photo on my computer? The photo would work very well used that way.
    Many thanks ahead of time.

    Amory Jewett


    1. I’m sure he would be thrilled Amory, and thank you for asking, he is a great photographer, I am a little biased though! Hopefully soon I will be posting more, it is an “in between” time at the moment. Looking forward to sharing with you.


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