No Parking

IMG_2109Periodically an ominous looking chap in a CSI white boilersuit and poison filled knapsack wanders the streets in his fight against vegetation.  This bold and beautiful antirrhinum stands defiant, in prime attack zone.  I hope he will be merciful and give it a stay of execution.  Perhaps I should cover it with a glass dome like the rose in the The Little Prince, or leave a note pleading its case.  This little snapdragon should be a lesson to us all.  It shows that plants want to grow inspite and despite of the intervention of man.  A seed, one of perhaps thousands, landed in a miniscule amount of dust or leaf litter.  It then did what it was programmed to do, germinate and grow, flower and set seed and start the process all over again.  I am going to get nothing done as I lay in wait for the exterminator, catapult in hand.

14 thoughts on “No Parking

  1. Exactly the kind of post I enjoy. I’ve put a link to it as an example of a Street Plant Post on the Loose and Leafy Street Plant page – Hope that’s ok. If you are likely to write other posts about street plants – would you like me to add you to the list of occasional street plant bloggers?


  2. I wonder if someone were to remove the weeds from near by if it might stand a better chance of not being weed killed by the boilersuit!


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