IMG_2197 (2)Today I ate an asian pear, a first for me.  A hand reached up into the boughs of the small tree I was standing next to and picked one of these golden fruit for me to try.  We were a long way from the orient, standing in the Permaculture Garden at Tapeley Park near Bideford, a cornucopia of edible delights.  As I bit into its flesh I was confident that no toxic chemicals had been used to protect it from pest or disease or to boost its yield and yet it was healthy and bountiful; I knew also that it has been tended with loving hands. Known also as the Nashi pear, my lovely guide, the encyclopedic Perma Queen, told me that in Japan they wrap these fruit individually and give them as treasured gifts.  Crisp and delicious it tasted good.  What I mean is that if Goodness had a taste this is what it would be like.

12 thoughts on “Goodness

  1. I am sure they were as delicious as they look! I ate a couple from the supermarket a while ago – juicy but not really tasty; who knows how long it took to bring them here. Same for other fruits…


  2. If you saw a pair of middle-aged couples with a beagle and a border collie in tow wandering around the gardens at Tapeley Park this afternoon in the glorious sunshine – it was Torrington Tina, husband and two friends from Yorkshire. We were also invited to sample the Asian pear in the Permaculture Garden and found it delicious. You are right, the taste of Goodness, surrounded by the buzzing of bees and the flutterings of butterflies.


    • How very strange! And how brilliant you can back me up on how lovely they are. On reflection did I pass you on my way out of the car park, someone was tangled up with one of the dogs?! I have written a piece for Devon Life about the garden, will be in October issue. Such an interesting and beautiful place.


  3. Lovely! And I also liked your previous post about the lone snap dragon growing by the road. I feel the urge to offer it protection now too.


  4. I like them because they are crisp, which pears normally aren’t. We get them individually “wrapped” in some stretchy net stuff and, yes, they have been on the road for a long time. Lucky you, to get a fresh one!


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