P1020771 (2)Earlier in the week I was, for my sins, a panelist at a “Gardener’s Question Time” event in a local garden centre.  I was joined by two others whose joint CV’s were extensive and involved phrases such as RHS examiner, lifetime in horticulture, university lecturer, supplier of vegetables to supermarkets, explorer and astronaut*.   Luckily neither of them professed cartwheeling expertise so it was just as well that I could fill this gapping hole in the knowledge base.  It was a bizarre event, one might say an out of body experience, but for all that not unpleasant.  On the whole the audience were a jolly crew with an assortment of questions, some of which I even knew the answer to.  Unfortunately none were queries concerning acrobatics of any sort, although I did have the subject covered.  You will be pleased to know that I brought a little class to the proceedings by telling my knickers in the seaweed story.  Not even the astronaut could trump that!


12 thoughts on “Class

  1. Lovely photo and the idea of you cartwheeling in golden boots still makes me smile.Now about the ‘knickers in the seaweed’ bit,I really would love to know that story………….


  2. I’m another who would like to hear about the knickers in the seaweed story!

    Oh, by the way, well done on surviving Gardeners’ Question Time. You are braver than me 🙂


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