Knickers in the Seaweed

P1020795 (3)Working in a coastal garden, albeit at the top of a mountain, means there is an almost constant supply of seaweed available on the beach below.  With this free resource you can create valuable and nutritious feeds and composts full of trace elements vital to healthy soil and therefore healthy plants.  A few years ago, when the builders were in residence we persuaded them to take their dumper truck to the beach where we loaded it with the precious weed.  They then chugged it up that darned hill and dumped it at the entrance for us to barrow around the garden.  Having earlier dug out an overgrown bed of mixed iris to make way for the new Pastel Border I decided that this would an ideal place to store the salty treasure.  Here it would be exposed to the good old North Devon rain which would flush away any excess salinity.   Several weeks later, the new border planted up and looking good, I was showing off my achievement to a visitor.   Pointing out the elegant Rosa “Evelyn”, the delicate Potentilla fruticosa “Elizabeth” and …. to my horror I noticed pair of rather manky looking knickers slap bang in the middle of the bed.  Quickly I pointed out something of supreme interest in the far distance and herded her off in that direction.  Later I returned with the pitch fork and disposed of the lost lingerie.  And no, before you ask, they definitely weren’t mine!

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