Mono Part Two – Fern

P1020896Day Two of my black and white series features one of my favourite ferns, Woodwardia radicans or the European Chain Fern.  This striking evergreen is called the Chain Fern as it very cunningly forms mini root balls at the end of each frond, as the tip touches the ground they root themselves into the soil and so continue the chain.  An ingenious method of moving around the forest and such a lovely shade of purple ……..

7 thoughts on “Mono Part Two – Fern

  1. Purple you say? Looks grey to me mate 😉

    I like ferns, I like them a lot and they seem to like my Scottish soil and climate as well. I have heard of Woodwardia, but never seen one in person.

    One fern I did buy recently, at a bargain price, was a big trunk of Blechnum chilense. The trunk must have been 9 inches tall and there was a mass of roots about the size of a basketball below. I have potted it up and put it somewhere sheltered in the garden and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it re-roots and then I can plant it out next year.

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