Six on Saturday – Hope

Welcome to this week’s Six on Saturday.  My theme, and I do like a theme even if I do tend to go off piste, is “hope”.   I googled “what is hope?” and I was presented with two options.  Firstly; a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.  It was however theContinue reading “Six on Saturday – Hope”

Woodwardia radicans – The European Chain Fern

I spent the day safely cocooned at home, pottering, making soup, enjoying my temporary captivity. Occasionally I looked out into the gloom, watching the rain sheet sideways, listening to the ever increasing howl of the wind. On days such as these I think of those outside, unprotected from the elements; the homeless, the rescue services,Continue reading “Woodwardia radicans – The European Chain Fern”

Mono Part Two – Fern

Day Two of my black and white series features one of my favourite ferns, Woodwardia radicans or the European Chain Fern.  This striking evergreen is called the Chain Fern as it very cunningly forms mini root balls at the end of each frond, as the tip touches the ground they root themselves into the soilContinue reading “Mono Part Two – Fern”