Woodwardia radicans – The European Chain Fern

Woodwardia radicans

I spent the day safely cocooned at home, pottering, making soup, enjoying my temporary captivity. Occasionally I looked out into the gloom, watching the rain sheet sideways, listening to the ever increasing howl of the wind. On days such as these I think of those outside, unprotected from the elements; the homeless, the rescue services, the crazy gardeners who don’t know when to give up and go home. Then I usually sigh, mentally wish them well and count my blessings. And it is due to get worse. Another storm is approaching. Storm Doris, not a terribly scary title, I feel they could have done much better. Daphne perhaps or Desdemona or even Doreen. Whatever her name, I hope she decides to take it easy on us.

This Woodwardia radicans won’t be complaining about the constant mist we have experienced over the last few days, it will be well and truly revelling in it.

Stay safe everyone.

19 thoughts on “Woodwardia radicans – The European Chain Fern

  1. Be careful! Boris will be after you pointing out that in the Brexit era, you should use a less sensitive name like “nodding chain fern”. I hope you didn’t get too wet lying on the ground to get that photo from underneath.

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      1. (I have to reply up here as I can’t reply down there). I nearly knew Woodie. Got to be selective as the garden’s not that big! When choosing ferns, and limited to about half-a-dozen, photos of this were attractive but then I read that the chains were underneath the fronds. That lost it points and I chose another.

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  2. I hope all is well on the coast. I can hear the wind raging at the top of the hill but it seems to be going over the top of us at the mo. We even have power! Famous last wor…..


  3. Hope you are ok there Gill. Terrible here. We have no power. All my spring bulbs are flat to the ground. The mild weather brought everything on too much. Just watching sprays of tiny daphne flowers whizzing off in the wind. I expect the garden will recover. Do love your ferns. X


    1. Fine here thanks, living on the coast you get a little bit used to the wild wind. Was a tricky working today, quite comical at times. I spent quite a lot of time chasing gloves, pots, trugs around the garden. Hope your power comes on soon. I am sure the garden will pop back up. Stay safe x

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      1. Ah, that’s my first job in the morning…retrieving gloves, pots, trugs, 1 wheelbarrow, a cloche, rolls of chicken wire, my hat…. all blown to the top of paddock. It’s not called Windy Ridge for nothing πŸ™‚ x


      2. A whole morning’s work. *sigh. But lovely to be out amongst the snowdrops, which survived, and the hellebores which were flat to the ground yesterday, and have popped up as if nothing happened. x


  4. A lovely fern. Doris was scary; spiteful and petulant, despite her insipid name. We braved her to try to save our fence which she was venting her fury on. In vain, it’ s strewn in bits and pieces all over my hellebores now. Tiring of that game, she decided to rip panes of glass out of the greenhouse.


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