The Green Man and a Real Gentleman

P1030218My natural style is carefree and careless.  I try to make my posts light-hearted, fun and hopefully a little bit cheeky.  Although acutely aware of the existence of Quentin Tarantino I prefer to spend most of my days a la Doris Day.  Occasionally however I feel the need to write something a little more serious, perhaps without a happy ending.  This time it was inspired by my fellow blogger Under the Pecan Tree (link to the right).

In truth I should have written about this gentleman before.  A quiet and unassuming man, I had been told he was a talented wood carver.  As it was my other half’s special birthday the following January, and thinking that a year would be ample time, I asked if he would create something special for him.  Lots of secrecy followed, with furtive phone calls and visits.  We poured over books and magazines but when I set my eyes on a picture of The Green Man I had no doubt what I wanted the subject to be.  The Green Man; a mysterious spirit of nature, connected to both paganism and early Christianity.  So I left the craftsman to it, I was confident and excited.  Glowing with the warm and slightly smug feeling you get when you are hatching a surprise for someone you love.  Something which will be unexpected and wonderful.

In the August it was my birthday.  Unpacking my gifts from my other half I found a wood carving, a beautiful arts and crafts stylised tulip.  I looked up and said “Ian?”.  Of course it was, and I cried good tears.  At the same time as I was planning my surprise for him, my man had been planning a similar surprise for me.  As soon as I could I called to thank Ian and begged forgiveness for the stresses inflicted by our demanding family.

Come January, the revealing of the wonderful carving above (apologise for bad photograph) was met with similar joy.  At long last we could all come clean.  The dreadful/delightful deception was over.  Poor Ian, not only had he the pressure of producing two separate pieces of art, he had had to juggle the pair of us for months.  He didn’t complain, he just smiled his gentle smile.

He died suddenly a few months later.  He truly was a gentle and talented man.  And sadly missed by a world that could do with many more of his kind.

12 thoughts on “The Green Man and a Real Gentleman

  1. This is one of those happy/sad stories: happy because your gifts to each other demonstrate your understanding of each other; sad, because of the loss of this creative and skillful gentleman. I’m guessing he lived a life doing what he loved.


  2. Sorry to read your post tonight, we should have more gentle folk in this world, talent is a bonus. It sounds as if you are blessed to be with a kindred spirit. The Green Man carving is beautiful.


  3. Funny, I didn’ t see you as Doris Day.
    I love your Green Man carving, how lovely that you had planned similar presents for each other and were both hugging your delicious secrets to yourselves. What a special bond you must have. It would be lovely to see your tulip or are you saving it for tulip time?
    What a talent and how sad that he died suddenly.


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